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Monday, July 20, 2009
Whether I am back for good or not, only time will tell...but for now here is the post promised!

I have now been married for almost 8 months, and I promise you the phrase uttered most out of my mouth over these last 8 months is "No. I am not pregnant."


I call my dear sister Mandypoo. I say..."Would y'all like to come down for dinner Friday? I'm going to cook a pot of soup & sandwiches. I've invited the whole family." She says..."Why? Are you pregnant?"

I get the stomach bug that is going around...you know the one that both Madison and Damian and half the city have, and yet I get asked..."Are you pregnant?"

Mandypoo and I are both blessed with the acid reflux my dad suffers from. So we often refer to Tums as our "after dinner mint." After dinner with friends, I realized I didn't have any with me, and the barbque was killing me. So I walked next door to the gas station to buy Tums. Both my friends and the lady at the counter asked..."Are you pregnant?"

Seriously?! Apparently, when you get married, you cannot invite your family over, catch the stomach bug, or buy Tums without being asked if you are pregnant. Oh, and God forbid you put back on the weight you lost for the wedding (which I did.) People throw ALL tact to the wind and say..."You've put on weight. Are you pregnant?"

So for those of you single folks out there...this is what you have to look forward to! LOL

On a side note...8 months in...yes, I am ready to be pregnant, but Baby Daddy is not, so we will wait. :)

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