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Thursday, May 6, 2010
I am thankful for those who actually check back on my page to see if I'm back. Because of that I feel guilty for not coming back more often. I really want to get back into this, just haven't been able to make it happen.

So I walked away from the Apartment Management world a few weeks ago! Woo Hoo! I went back to paralegaling :) I am really enjoying it, and feel a great deal of stress lifted off my shoulders. I feel like I'm actually doing something good also. The attorney I work for (the same one I worked for 4 years ago) really was struggling to keep up with his practice. Life had really taken a toll of him (His father suffered from dimensia, and just passed away), so I feel I have been really helpful in helping him get things back on track. Feeling accomplished I think is very important in your job. I feel accomplished!

Okay...that's all I'm giving you for now, because if I tell you everything, I won't come back.


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Are we there yet?
Sunday, August 2, 2009
Well, one trip down and one to go. But first middle school open house and starting a new school year. (ugh... Still not looking forward to that.)
The trip to TN was fun but short. The river flooded so no tubing this trip. But did manage to work in some shopping. :)
Since I am updating on my iTouch pictures will have to wait, but maybe you'll be as entertained by my nieces as I was...
Abby' (5) upon waking at a quick stop: "My panties went into my crack when I went to sleep."
Abby after going thru a drive-thru: "I sure wish I had a napkin." (which meant she probably needed one.)
Abby' immmediately after the last comment: "Do I still have panties on?"

Mom: Natalie, sweet girls don't bite.
Natalie (3): but puppies do.

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I'd Hardly Call this Vacation!
Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Life is gonna be CRAZY busy for the Skittle family over the next few weeks. Madi and I are leaving tomorrow to go to Tenn. with my sister and her girls. My mom and Dad will be up there too. We'll probably just float the river and hang out at the pool most of the time, but I'm sure Madi and I will find the time to sneak to Gatlinburg to do a little school shopping.

After going to a family reunion on Saturday, we will head back to town, so I can be back in time to teach a class on Sunday with my hubby.

Madison starts MIDDLE SCHOOL on Tuesday. I think I'm gonna die. I am WAY too young for that :) (No really, I'm 29...way too young.)

She is only gonna go Tues & Wed b/c we are flying out to KC Thursday morning for Damian's sisters wedding. I'm super excited, but this means meeting all the family who didn't come to our wedding (including his elderly great-grandparents). And we'll fly back on Monday. I'm gonna be EXHAUSTED! I wish we had more time to visit, but since school starts back so ridiculously early we'll have to make it a fly-be visit.


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Another post?
Monday, July 20, 2009
Whether I am back for good or not, only time will tell...but for now here is the post promised!

I have now been married for almost 8 months, and I promise you the phrase uttered most out of my mouth over these last 8 months is "No. I am not pregnant."


I call my dear sister Mandypoo. I say..."Would y'all like to come down for dinner Friday? I'm going to cook a pot of soup & sandwiches. I've invited the whole family." She says..."Why? Are you pregnant?"

I get the stomach bug that is going around...you know the one that both Madison and Damian and half the city have, and yet I get asked..."Are you pregnant?"

Mandypoo and I are both blessed with the acid reflux my dad suffers from. So we often refer to Tums as our "after dinner mint." After dinner with friends, I realized I didn't have any with me, and the barbque was killing me. So I walked next door to the gas station to buy Tums. Both my friends and the lady at the counter asked..."Are you pregnant?"

Seriously?! Apparently, when you get married, you cannot invite your family over, catch the stomach bug, or buy Tums without being asked if you are pregnant. Oh, and God forbid you put back on the weight you lost for the wedding (which I did.) People throw ALL tact to the wind and say..."You've put on weight. Are you pregnant?"

So for those of you single folks out there...this is what you have to look forward to! LOL

On a side note...8 months in...yes, I am ready to be pregnant, but Baby Daddy is not, so we will wait. :)

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009
I'm trying to take bets in my own head of how long it will take everyone to notice I posted. It has been like 8 months...I know. In fact, Courtney had to find me on Facebook, just to keep up and Prin had to email to make sure I was still alive. So I apologize for falling off the face of the earth....AGAIN. I really have to quit doing that. It is such a long walk back.

So here is the rundown of the last 8 months...wedding was beautiful, the honeymoon was fantastic, married life is great, the sex is fabulous, and no, I am not pregnant. (Which seems to be a daily question when you get married, and the subject of a future post...I promise!)

You can see wedding pictures at http://kingpursewedding.shutterfly.com/
You can also find me on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/stephanie.purse
(Make sure to send me a note with your friend request.)
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Today is the Big Day!
Saturday, November 29, 2008
Yep thats right....I'm getting married today. So why am I on blogger?! (I'm downloading some music for the reception).

I promise to post pictures when we get back from Cancun!


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A Deeper Meaning
Saturday, November 8, 2008
No matter your religious beliefs, I think there are times we all believe there are deeper meanings to life. As a Christian, I obviously belief that God works together everything for his glory and honor. I don't believe anything just happens. But, I can't say I always understand it. A year later, I still can't make sense of all I went through last year with the cancer and loosing my job.

But today, I was reminded of something that happened about 2 or 3 years ago. I had no idea then why it happened, and today, still unsure. Either way, it made me smile again.

Madison was in the chorus at her old school, and had a spring concert at the local middle school. Several schools were there, so the crowd was pretty large. A young mother sat behind us with a baby in her lap...he must have been close to a year old. While we were waiting for the concert to start he kept playing with my hair, and tapping me on the shoulder. It was rather odd, for such a young child to just keep tapping me. When I would turn around and talk with him, he would just laugh. Then after the 5th or 6th time, he reached out for me. So with his mom's permission I held Nehemiah.

He sat in my lap the entire 1st half of the concert. He held on tight to me, making sure I wouldn't put him down, and just kept loving on me. He also did not like Damian very much. When Damian would turn and look at us, he would say "No" and push Damian over, which made me laugh.

Madi's class was finished in the first half, so we were planning to leave during the intermission. When I went to give Nehemiah back to his mom, he just cried and cried. He didn't want to go back. It didn't make any sense. His mother seemed loving to him...she had been playing with him and holding him before he came to me. He was well dressed, and seemed well cared for. For whatever reason, it was just as if there was a connection between us. (Trust me, its not normal for me to just let a strangers baby drool all over me, with me being grossed out.)

I never saw or heard from Nehemiah or his mom again. Until today. Damian just called, and he is at the barber shop. He said this little guy walked in and started playing with him. He asked his name, and his mom said Nehemiah...and Damian realized who he was. Nehemiah's mom remembered me also. She asked about me, and Damian promised to take a picture and send me. (I'll post it as soon as he does.)

I still don't know why I met Nehemiah that day. I don't know why we were drawn to each other, and, I don't know why Damian ran into them again today. I can't wait to see who Nehemiah becomes as he grows up, and I just hope I'm able to know him then.
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