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Tuesday, April 29, 2008
Girl's Hairbow/Ribbon Holders - Single Ribbon
Each Hairbow/Ribbon Holder is made of 1/8" lightweight painted wood and felt. A single 36" (approx. size) ribbon is attached for holding hairbows/ribbons. - $6.99

Girl's Hairbow/Ribbon Holders - Double Ribbon
Each Hairbow/Ribbon Holder is made of 1/8" lightweight painted wood and felt. Two 36" (approx. size) ribbons are attached for holding hairbows/ribbons. - $8.99

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Available designs:Pink Flamingo
Green Frog
Orange Lion
Yellow Giraffe
Brown Spotted Dog
Black/White Zebra
Blue Elephant
Brown Monkey

Available Ribbon:
Solid Colors
Zebra Print
Polka Dots (variety of colors)
Small Ribbons (Can be attached to large ribbons)
Pink with Green Polka Dots
Pink (Sheer) with Green & Yellow Polka Dots
Orange & Yellow Gingham
Pink with Black/White Argyle
Pink with Black Paw Prints
Black with Pink Polka Dots
Black with White Stitching
Black with White Polka Dots
Orange with Yellow Polka Dots
Blue with Green Polka Dots

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So Far, So Good
Monday, April 28, 2008
The interview seemed to have gone well this morning. Although, as I was leaving I see the next "contender" waiting. What a morale slash! Oh, well. I did get a follow up call this afternoon & will meet with the regional on Thursday! So, I did get a 2nd interview!

I also got a call from a community in Atlanta (Buckhead, to be exact), and set up an interview with them on Thursday also. The first interview is in Atlanta, so I set this one up for the same day (just afternoon) so I wouldn't have to drive there twice. With traffic it can be about an hour & a half drive or more.

I'm really hoping for the local job, because the Atlanta job is only assistant manager and not property manager, but we'll see what happens.

On a side note. I cannot believe Relay for Life is only 4 days away! I am SO SUPER EXCITED! You can visit my Relay Site, and leave money if you like :) I really haven't done any online fundraising. I think I will send a family email today though.

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posted by Stephanie @ 5:18 PM   2 comments
I have a job interview!
Sunday, April 27, 2008
Tomorrow I have a job interview for a property manager position in Macon. It's a great company, and a beautiful property (though their website is greatly lacking).

Linda, the lady who interviewed me for the last job, and wasn't able to hire me, recommended me for the job. When the girl called me, she told me based on Linda's recommendation that she wasn't going to advertise the job until after she talked to me. I'm really praying this works out. Please pray with me. My interview is at 9:00a.m. tomorrow. I'll keep you updated!

P.S. This means IF I get this job, I MIGHT get an apartment also, which means my own place again! Yay!

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posted by Stephanie @ 8:59 AM   2 comments
This is the beginning of the end
Tuesday, April 22, 2008
All good things must come to an end. Or do they? Is this really the beginning of the end? I'm tired and frustrated. My life seems to be spiraling down the tube again. Or did it really ever stop? I feel like a granddaddy long-legs after someone has torn off all my legs....someone please just step on me.

I was going to put a picture of a granddaddy long-legs on my post but really they are so repulsing I decided not to.
posted by Stephanie @ 10:50 PM   5 comments
Seriously! This has got to end
Saturday, April 19, 2008
I lost my job January 18th. It is now April 19th, and I'm still out of work! This is ridiculous. Granted, I did have a temporary job February and March, but I really thought I would have something by now. The one job I was sure would work out fell through because "I'm too much of a risk since it is a pay cut." They are afraid I would leave at the first opportunity of more money. Um, hello!?! Have you seen the job market? No one is exactly knocking at my door! Why do you think I was willing to take an $8,000 pay cut in the first place. So now, here I am back to square one. No job, no prospect, no house, no money, no dignity!

I'm thinking of becoming a professional reality tv star. That usually lasts those people a good 3 or 4 years. If I can just get on one, I can jump from one to another until I become a "celebrity" and can do the "celebrity versions" of these shows, since they are never really true celebrities anyway.

Well, that's my plan. I better get to making videos, taking pictures, and filling out applications. Gosh, I hope my good looks, ditsy personality, and fake boobs will get me on. (Okay, so I lied about the fake boobs...I don't really have fake boobs, but maybe by show 3 I could!)
posted by Stephanie @ 2:40 PM   3 comments
I have succeded as a mother...
Wednesday, April 16, 2008
Okay, so she is only 9, so my job isn't over yet, and to call it a success at this point is a bit premature, but today I did get to check off a major item on the success list...(You know,...sleep through the night, potty train, off to school, first tooth, high school, etc...)

Today I accomplished...

Embarrassing my Child in Front of the Whole School!

The best part was that I didn't even have to try...it just came so naturally. Today about 45 minutes before school was over I was on that side of town and had nothing else to do. So I decided that I would head to the school, get in the carpool lane and doze while I waited. Well, that dozing lead to a deep sleep. And at 3:23 (School lets out at 3:15) I wake up to find that apparently several people have tried to wake me, cars are honking and passing me, and I'm oblivious to it all. Finally, a child yelled through the crack in my window to wake me. So by the time I drove up to pick up Madi she was horrified! :)


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Mom. We need to talk.
Monday, April 14, 2008
I had a talk with my mom today. She asked me about the gym Mrs. Mandyoo and I are going join. I was telling her all about it, and then snuck in. "And we've all been talking...we think you should join too."

I didn't let my mom get in a word, because the truth is, it's not that we want her to join the gym because she is overweight, it's because she is unhealthy and that scares us. My Nana (her mom) died at age 65. She was so young, and so alive. There was no warning, her heart just stopped beating. She had heart problems, but pretty much had ever since I can remember. It's kind of a way of life with our family. 6 out of 7 of Nana's brothers and sisters died of heart problems, as well as both of her parents. My aunt (my mom's younger sister) had triple by-pass surgery 2 years ago. She was only 47! So you see, why I am concerned.

I explained to my mom that my sisters and I want her to be around for our lives and our childrens lives. That we want her to experience more than Nana was able too. She's only 14 years away from 65, and I'd like to have more than 14 years with her.

Oh, and Mrs. Mandyoo if you are reading this....I think I have guilted her into joining! :)
posted by Stephanie @ 10:17 PM   3 comments
I caught the bouquet!!
Sunday, April 13, 2008
Damian, Madi and I went to the wedding of two dear friends of ours yesterday. It was so beautiful! Everything was perfect, perfect in the sense that everything was just as it should be without being too stiff and formal. I'm very excited for these two, but I have to say for the 2nd time in the last week or so, I heard the most irritating thing. As we were standing around the bride and groom for their first dance, they were just grinning from ear to ear staring at each other. There were 2 women about 50ish and 60ish standing behind D and I talking, and one goes "Just look how he smiles at her." and the other one (I kid you not) goes "give 'em a year."



Are we in the same place?!!

Did we not come to this wedding to join the couple in celebrating their marriage? How could you say such a thing? This very same nonsense was all over the news last week after Jay-Z and Beyonce's surprise wedding. "How long will it last?" "Did they sign a pre-nup?" ... Hip Hop's hottest couple pulled off a surprise wedding, and all you have to report is will it last? Just sad!

Well I for one, still believe in the purity of marriage, and belief that marriages can and should last forever. And that is exactly why I had to take the other girls out and catch the bouquet!


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Is It Just Me?
Friday, April 11, 2008
I'm going to open up this small head of mine, (because Damian says I have a p-nut head) and let you in!

Yesterday as I was driving up to Walmart, I was so excited to see the front row space available, because the lot was pretty full. But then, as I drove up I realized the front three rows were empty! Suddenly the excitment died down, because now I'm not the only person who gets a good place, two other people do. Why should that damper my excitement? But it did.

Even worse...during Christmas I was at the very crowded mall, where I had arrived super early and had gotten a great parking spot. So when I go to leave I am extremely dissapointed to realize that no one is waiting on my spot. Why does that bother me? Am I the only one?
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I think I have a job...
Wednesday, April 9, 2008
Of course, I won't know for sure until sometime next week. It's a major company in the US which means the benefits will be great. The pay is right around what I am currently making but will include a work cell phone (as if I need another one) and a car allowance. I would be lining myself up to take over a position for someone in 3 years or so, which would mean a HUGE pay raise.

More to come... I promise!


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Looking for a Job Should be a Job!
Thursday, April 3, 2008
It is no exaggeration when I tell you I have spent approximately 21 hours over the last 3 days looking for a job & emailing resumes. CRAZY!!


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I need a job
Wednesday, April 2, 2008
AGAIN. Seriously, this whole job search thing sucks! My temporary position is up on Friday. I'm pretty bummed. I really thought they were going to find me a permanent position. Unfortunately, they didn't get the big contract they were hoping for, so as of now there are still no open positions.

It's very frustrating because there is one manager that they are very unhappy with. I have tried to make sure I do everything I can to help this girl, because that was part of my job. But she obviously is in a world of her own, and doing her own thing...she refuses to adapt to the new management. Long story...well long story is that I know eventually they are going to let her go. It is just frustrating to me that they won't do it before I'm out of a job. It's really going to screw me up as far as insurance goes. Plus I have to find something in the mean time. Who knows how long it will be...2 weeks, 2 months, or more. I can't just wait until they figure it out.

I've been watching the local job classifieds...careerbuilder, monster, and others. There is NOTHING available. I'm serious....the best offer I've seen listed is selling insurance. We already went through this in January. I'm just not interested.

I have sent out about 50 resumes over the last 2 days over the entire US. Something has to come through. Who knows where...California, Las Vegas, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York...I've applied everywhere!

So now what!?!


posted by Stephanie @ 11:29 PM   2 comments
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