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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This video is almost 11 minutes long, but is an interview with an attorney who has filed suit against Barak Obama stating that he is not a "Natural Born Citizen" of the United States, and therefore cannot be the President of the United States. Though, I do not know how true this is, I do agree with the Attorney that if is wrong, then why won't Obama just produce his birth certificate and his immigration documents?

His grandmother from Kenya claims he was born in Kenya. Barak claims he was born in Hawaii. However, when his mother remarried and moved to Indonesia with her family it is questioned whether Barak's citizenship was moved to Indonesia. Though he could have regained his US citizenship upon returning to the U.S., he would no longer have the "natural born status" required to be the President.

I think it is appaling that a Judge would not require these documents be produced prior to the election! How many many Americans believe that Joe Biden would win the election? Seems to me that if what this man claims is true that Obama is just handing Biden the win. Very unfair. But in all truthfulness....I'd rather see Biden than Obama.


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Funny...Ha Ha!
Friday, October 24, 2008


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37 Days....Holy Crap!
Wednesday, October 22, 2008
I looked at the calendar to put the countdown as my title...I didn't realize it was only 37 days away. Now I'm panicked. Way to go Blogger. I was just fine up until about 37 seconds ago.

I have come to my senses and realized that after 3 weeks of dieting, if I still don't fit in my dress it is time for alterations. I'm okay with that though...it beats the alternatives (i.e. starvation, buying a new dress, or exercising ha ha) Okay, really I am going to start exercising, but I don't need the last minute stress of worrying if my dress will fit, so I will just go ahead and have it altered. All will be well.
We have also found a solution to our problem of wanting a sunset wedding, but not wanting to pay to feed 200 people. We are going to have a "pasta buffet." So everyone will still get fed, but it won't cost us a fortune. Thank goodness!
I'm making the invitations myself, and they need to go out as in 2 weeks ago, so I better get on the move. It's gonna be a busy weekend.
I also have to meet with the florist to pick out flowers, and finalize the cake choices.
Oh, but in 37 days it will be all worth it!
And, on a totally unrelated topic...I paid $2.56/gallon for gas today. I didn't even need gas...had a 1/2 tank. Got it anyway because it was so cheap!


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Walking Blindly
Thursday, October 16, 2008
6 Weeks - $6,000.

I keep checking outside, but it still isn't raining $100's yet.

Where will it all come from?


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Why Pineola?
Sunday, October 12, 2008
I decided I would tell the story of why we picked Pineola Farms here in Georgia instead of going to the beach as originally planned. First, we cancelled Florida when I kept having to downsize the wedding cutting out more and more of my friends. So we decided to stay here in Georgia. BUT the only way I was having a Georgia wedding was if it wasn't your traditional church wedding. (Nothing against church weddings, but I don't want one. It's my day, and I want it to mean something to me. I love my church, but it is far from beautiful.)

So last Saturday, we got up bright and early and headed to Thomaston, GA...about 45 minutes away...we thought. :) It ended up taking us about an hour and a half to get to the Auchumpkee Covered Bridge (our destination). When we got there, we found nothing like what we were told. (Meaning, the "parking area" was non-existent, and my personal favorite...the "picnic area" was A picnic table...meaning ONE!) Anyway, it was nothing like we had hoped. We turned the car around and headed back, tired and defeated. When we got home, we jumped on the internet looking for other "cool" locations within an hour radius.

Sunday after church we took our comprised list, and began riding around Macon...no luck. We drove to Warner Robins...are you kidding me. Well, what about the park in Perry someone told us about...RIGHT!?! Again, we got home around 5:00p.m. tired and defeated. Damian says, you just might have to have a church wedding...Um, excuse me?!

So I hop on the computer again, and decided to try the chamber of commerce. Low and behold ONE single listing under "weddings." We checked out the website...beautiful, but we had already been deceived by a website more than once. We called the number...no answer. We googled the location and hopped in the car...about 14 miles down the road in good ole Fort Valley. (For those of you not from Georgia...Fort Valley is not a town known for much of anything other than maybe's its school, but even that is mostly just a local fame.)

We pulled up to Pineola Farms and The Cotton Barn....BEAUTIFUL! We loved it. Then my phone rang...it was the couple who owned the place...they were on their way, and would meet us there, but the bad news was, they were booked through the end of the year. We would have to wait until next year. (I hope you are kidding, I have already bumped this thing back 3 times.)

We toured the place with them, and fell more in love with it minute by minute. Paul and Delise (the owners) were great! We clicked right away. That's when she told me that technically she didn't have anything booked November 29th, and she had told numerous couples she couldn't do a wedding that weekend, due to conflict. But when she called me, my ring back tone on my cell phone was her favorite song (Chris Tomlin's 'Amazing Grace'). She said she felt like God told her to open it up to us, so she was.

But even better, when she pulled out the price sheet, and we saw it was the amount of our entire budget, we knew we couldn't afford it. That's when she told us that the house (an old 1836 Farm House) needed the front porch painted. She wanted Damian to do it for her, and she would do it as a trade on the wedding!

I know that God opened this up for us, and I'm so excited to see things fall into place. Everyone around me seems to be stressing, but not me.


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Wedding Update
Thursday, October 9, 2008
We have a date:

November 29, 2008
We have a location:
We have a photographer:
Haley Bartlebough
I have a dress:
(but no picture of the dress)

That's all we have so far....oh, we better hurry!


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'Nuff Said


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