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Sunday, August 2, 2009
Well, one trip down and one to go. But first middle school open house and starting a new school year. (ugh... Still not looking forward to that.)
The trip to TN was fun but short. The river flooded so no tubing this trip. But did manage to work in some shopping. :)
Since I am updating on my iTouch pictures will have to wait, but maybe you'll be as entertained by my nieces as I was...
Abby' (5) upon waking at a quick stop: "My panties went into my crack when I went to sleep."
Abby after going thru a drive-thru: "I sure wish I had a napkin." (which meant she probably needed one.)
Abby' immmediately after the last comment: "Do I still have panties on?"

Mom: Natalie, sweet girls don't bite.
Natalie (3): but puppies do.

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