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Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Life is gonna be CRAZY busy for the Skittle family over the next few weeks. Madi and I are leaving tomorrow to go to Tenn. with my sister and her girls. My mom and Dad will be up there too. We'll probably just float the river and hang out at the pool most of the time, but I'm sure Madi and I will find the time to sneak to Gatlinburg to do a little school shopping.

After going to a family reunion on Saturday, we will head back to town, so I can be back in time to teach a class on Sunday with my hubby.

Madison starts MIDDLE SCHOOL on Tuesday. I think I'm gonna die. I am WAY too young for that :) (No really, I'm 29...way too young.)

She is only gonna go Tues & Wed b/c we are flying out to KC Thursday morning for Damian's sisters wedding. I'm super excited, but this means meeting all the family who didn't come to our wedding (including his elderly great-grandparents). And we'll fly back on Monday. I'm gonna be EXHAUSTED! I wish we had more time to visit, but since school starts back so ridiculously early we'll have to make it a fly-be visit.


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  • At July 30, 2009 at 8:18 AM, Blogger Courtney said…

    Holy cow woman, you are busy....and about the way too young thing...mine starts kindergarten in a few weeks and I think I'm way too young for that (btw I'm 28)

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