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2007 Comes to an end
Sunday, December 30, 2007
As we close out 2007, I'm going to have to say goodbye for a while. Due to the fact that I haven't received a paycheck nor disability check in over a month, things have to go. And since I am not actually making any money on the internet these days, the internet, unfortunately has to go. I'm having to turn off my internet and home phone for a while. At this point I am just crossing my fingers and praying I get a check soon, so that my cell phone is not next to go.

In 7 days I have another cell phone bill, car payment and electric bill due. (Cell phone is already past due), and honest I have less than $80.00 to my name. (Including my PPP money) I'm scared about what might happen, but all I can do is trust that God will pull through for me.

I really never imagined I would reach this point. I now realize the cancer caused so much more pain than just the physical pain on my body. I am just hoping the IRS gets their act together pretty quickly so I can file my taxes ASAP...cross your fingers I get a refund. I'm going to need it to get caught up.

I'll miss my blogging buddies! When I return I'll have so much to catch up on. Have a Happy New Year everyone! Here's hoping 2008 turns out to be a better year!

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Oh Google why have you forsaken me?
Wednesday, December 26, 2007
Google recently went around knocking people off their totem polls, no matter how big or small. A month ago I had a Google rating of 2. Not great, I realize, but still it was a 2. With this 2, I was eligible for about 19 paid posts options daily(many of them repeats). Now thanks to Google feeding me to the sharks I have a Google rating of 0, as in Goose Egg, Nada, Zilch, Zero, None, Nope, Nothing, Ohhh, Love...0. With this 0 comes the 3 daily paid posts which I qualify for, all of which are already reserved EVERY time I try. I haven't had a paid post in weeks! This is out of control. I REALLY need the money right now, since I am not working, and only have $42 left to be paid out to me. Now, I'm a bargain shopper, but I'm not that good. You just can't feed 3 people on $42 for 2 weeks. So to close my vent I have one thing to say..."Google you suck!" I am officially switching search engines...Yahoo and Ask, you now get my vote. (Well except what you might see on my sight, because though passionate, I'm not motivated at all to actually change it!)

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Someone please come clean my house!
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, but maybe that is just the piles of toys and clothing that have not yet made it into the bedrooms. Christmas was good this year, and though the presents were not as many and didn't cost as much, the family time was priceless! Damian's family got together in GA for the first time ever, since only he and his sister live here, and the rest of his family lives in Missouri. It was nice to spend time with both his family and mine.

My mother cooked a huge Christmas breakfast, and Damian's sister cooked a large Christmas dinner, so I definately ate good. Almost too good :) So now, I have to get up off this couch, and clean my house. *rolling eyes*

I hope each of you had a Merry Christmas!


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I am Legend
Friday, December 21, 2007
I mentioned last weekend that Damian and I saw the much awaited Will Smith movie, I Am Legend. A few of you asked me how good it was, so a week late, I will give my beginner attempt at reviewing it.

First off, I am a firm believer that Will Smith knows how to pick a movie! With the exception of a few bad ones (Wild, Wild West), Will doesn't miss the mark too often. If you agree with me on this one, then you will not be let down by I Am Legend.

The producers did an incredible job not giving away the movie in the previews, which is a complete pet peeve of mine. The movie has a mild sci-fi feel to it, think Independance Day. The story line is great, and though a bit of a stretch, not too far outside of reality. The preview leads you to believe that Will Smith is the last man alive on earth; this is only partially true. There are thousands of "creatures" who share the earth with him, and you can't forget Sam, man's best friend.

I am Legend is a great combination of intense fight scenes and incredible suspense. And though there is no love scene, the movie was still able to play on my romantic sences. My only complaint is I am not a big fan of creapy looking characters. All in all I give it 2 thumbs up, and a rating of 9!
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Where are all the gumdrops?
Isn't it supposed to rain lemon drops AND gum drops? So why did it only seem to rain lemon drops today? I can't complain too much after the great day I had yesterday, but it was quite a frustrating today. I called to check on my disability and they are still dragging their feet. They are waiting on extra medical records to approve my claim. Come on already! I've been out of work since November 12th so could you please get your act together and pay me already? Sometimes the financial strain just gets to me. I found this great apartment, but can't apply or reserve it yet, because I have zero dollars...as in completely broke. That happens when you have medical bills out the wazoo in the same month as Christmas, with no pay coming in. Savings account = $0.

D has been very frustrating lately too. I know he is just being a man, but since I'm an emotional wreck it would be nice if he could be a little more sensitive. *rolling eyes* Men!

Well, I'm done venting for now. I'm watching Jeff Durham the ventriloquist on Comedy Central...OMG he is hilarious! If you haven't seen him, you should. And very talented.

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Life is Good
Thursday, December 20, 2007
Eternal life is better. Okay, so the title made me think of the song.

Today started out so discouraging. I have looked for a house or apartment everywhere, and just haven't found what I am looking for in the price I am looking for. Just annoyed! Then on top of that, I haven't gotten a job yet either. I've had several interviews, and even a few follow ups, but no one has made a decision yet. Decide already!

At any rate, I found an apartment today, called them up, and was blown away at their prices. I rushed right over to take a look...wow! I loved them. They had upgraded and regular units. The upgraded ones had granite counter tops, hardwood floors in the dining, kitchen, and bathrooms, and all black upgraded appliances. It was beautiful! The other was the same size, just normal appliances, laminate counter tops, and tile in the bathrooms, and $100/mo. cheaper. I can afford either one; both are in the price range I was looking for. I think I'm going to get the cheaper one though. May as well save where I can.

While I was there, the girl showing me the apt mentioned that a property up the road was hiring an assistant manager. When I inquired a little more, I found out a friend of mine had been promoted & needed an assistant now. I rushed right over to talk with her. Even if it were a step down, I wouldn't mind working with Holly. So as I'm talking with her (in my jeans & t-shirt with my daughter in tow...can you tell I wasn't prepared?), she tells me that she would love to work with me, but would rather recommend me for the REGIONAL MANAGER position instead of the ASSISTANT MANAGER position. What!?! Wow! I am so excited. So she called & is setting up and interview for me either tomorrow or Monday. It is only 2 properties, so it would be an incredible opportunity for me to step up in the business.

So for a disappointing start to the day...I'd say it has turned out to be quite an incredible ride! Plus I got to see Elijah today!

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I'm Singing in the Rain...
Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I took a shower today! This is a big deal because it is my first shower since my surgeries began a month ago. Don't get me wrong, I love me a bath but sometimes you just want a shower. Not to mention that with bandages from my left elbow to left arm pit, and my left chest, even taking a bath isn't enjoyable; it's hard work. I have had to wash my hair in the sink for the past month, because I couldn't let the water run down my chest and arm. But today I got a shower! I washed my hair in the shower, and I stood their until the water turned cold!

I went to the doctor this morning & he removed all my bandages, and though he put a bandage on my arm, he told me I could get it wet & it would dry. Of course, I still can't scrub the areas, and wouldn't anyway, but it was just nice to have water run down my back, arms & chest. It was nice to just let the water hit me in the face & fall.

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Santa! I know Him!
Monday, December 17, 2007
I was tagged by MomOfThree to do a Christmas Hoopla!

1. List 12 random things about yourself that has to do with Christmas.
2. Please refer to it as a 'hoopla' and not the dreaded 'm'-word
3. You have to specifically tag people when you're done. None of this "if you're reading this, consider yourself tagged" stuff is allowed...then nobody ends up actually doing it. The number of people who you tag is really up to you -- but the more, the merrier to get this 'hoopla' circulating through the blogosphere.
4. Please try and do it as quickly as possible. The Christmas season will be over before we know it and I'd like to get as many people involved as possible.
5. If you want to -- please give me, Andrea, some link-love as the 'Hoopla-Creator'. I love new blog-traffic.

So here goes!

1. I didn't put my tree up this year until after December 8th. I usually have it up on Thanksgiving weekend.
2. I have always had a live tree, never an artificial one. It is my favorite Christmas tradition.
3. I didn't buy half the presents this year that I bought last year, which really makes me sad, but will be better on the wallet when Christmas has come and gone.
4. My mom cooks a HUGE Christmas breakfast on Christmas morning, which is another of my favorite traditions. Dad says its the only breakfast he gets all year. It's probably true!
5. Since both of my sisters have in laws, Madi and I are often alone on Christmas night. We went to hockey games several years in a row, but I think it's sad the players have the play on Christmas. What about the away team?
6. This will be my 3rd Christmas with Damian, though technically we weren't dating on the first one.
7. I have NEVER seen snow on Christmas. :(
8. Santa left presents for my sisters and I until we moved out of my parents house. Mandypoo got Santa gifts all the way up to 21!
9. Damian calls me the Christmas Nazi because everything has a place, and only I know just where it is!
10. I actually enjoy wrapping presents. Even though I mostly use gift bags for birthdays, everything gets wrapped at Christmas!
11. Madi and I with the help of the neighborhood kids made salt dough ornaments and decorated them this year. I didn't let them put them on "my" tree though. My tree is all red & silver.
12. This Christmas will be my first Christmas with Damian's family, since they are coming to Georgia for Christmas! I can't wait to celebrate with both families!

Okay, so now I tag Prin, Joen, and Boss Lady! Have Fun & Merry Christmas!

Okay, so Maybe I don't know him...
You Don't Know Much About Christmas

You only got 4/10 correct

So you don't know all of the history and trivia of the holidays...
As long as you remember to put out some cookies for Santa, you're still ahead of the game.

Random Christmas fact: The average mall Santa is 5'9, 218 lbs, and 52 years old. The average waist size is 43 inches.

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Sometimes you just need a break
Since Damian got back to Georgia in October, we have had NO time to ourselves. Being a single mom those times are hard to come by, but with my surgeries it has been even more difficult. Our relationship had just become very impersonal. It seemed Damian treated me more like a patient than his girlfriend. No doubt in my mind he loves me...gosh, he changed my catheter bag! You have to love me to do that. He had just become so preoccupied with my health that he forgot about my heart.

Now that I am doing better, I can tell things are starting to get back to normal with us, so yesterday I arranged a day just for us. Madi went to my moms after church, and Damian and I spent the day together. We ate a feast at Red Lobster, road around looking at houses, went to see I am Legend, picked up Starbucks, and finished the day off with Applebee's Molten Lava cake. Yum, yum!

It was a great day! It's nice just to get away from the responsibilities of life, and just enjoy the day.

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Ultimate Paintball
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But the best part is this sale does not end after Christmas, Ultimate Paintball offers free shipping year round!

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Mark the Date
Friday, December 14, 2007
Remember my "Mark the Date" comment from Monday? Just 4 days ago my little world turned upside down (well even more upside down) when my boss fired Damian. I told you then I thought she was out to get me too. Over the last 4 days and a series of emails, she has made this more than evident....I am getting the ax as soon as I go back. I'm positive of that.

Well, let me just tell you about my week since then! Monday, I was pretty much angry and in a daze. Tuesday and Wednesday I really basically accomplished nothing, but was able to have my doctor keep me out of work a little longer. Score one for Stephanie! Thursday, I planned to spend the day with Mandypoo and Eli. As I was sitting on the couch holding my handsome prince and chatting with Mandy my cell phone rang. The number looked oddly familiar, but I didn't know who it was...so I answered it. The voice on the other end? My old boss! Why was he calling me? He wanted to know if I was tired of the apartment business yet, and ready to come back and work for him?

Wow! What an answer to prayer...J. didn't even know I needed a job. He didn't know I was looking & didn't even know about my cancer. I'm really not sure how since he works in the same office as my sister. Apparently Mandy didn't feel the need to disclose that info to him. So at any rate, he calls out of the blue...and yes, I need a job. There is more to consider than to just jump on the job. Namely the $10K/year decrease in pay. But whether I take the job or not, I believe it was God's way of reminding me He has it under control.

And to one up everything, today I had 3 interviews...well, 2 and a meeting with J. One was an apartment community and the other two were attorneys (what I did before the apt job). And I looked at 3 incredible houses and apartments on my "dream" street. It is like the coolest street in all of Macon, and I found 3 places there! All of them had low deposits (a huge plus), and are moderately priced. What a blessing!

On Monday I needed a job and a home...and today I have 3 opportunities for a job and 3 opportunities for a home. And it's only been 4 days! So I quote myself from Monday's post "Well, mark the date, because I'm positive something will work out, and I'll be better off for it. And be sure to remind me of this next time I whine or worry." And I didn't even get started on the whining or worrying. God is good! I just can't wait to see what's next!

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Traveling for Christmas?
Lots of people travel during the holiday season. You know, because the holidays aren't stressful enough they drive half way across the country to spend 4 days cramped with 12 other relatives in their grandma's 3 bedroom home. Why not?

Well this year, save yourself both money and stress! Get a hotel! You can get affordable Hotel Reservations online for just about anywhere! Whether you prefer hotel, motel, vacation rentals or resorts, Hotel Reservations has them all!

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Indian Nick
Thursday, December 13, 2007
My daughter has a friend who she refers to as "Indian Nick." It's because there are about 4 Nick's in our apartment community, and Nick's family is from India. He doesn't mind, he actually answers to "Indian Nick" which I find funny.

Indian Nick is about a year older than my daughter, and I have a feeling she has a bit of a crush on him. He's a cutie, so I understand, though because of his family's belief's I also would not encourage it. Not to mention, I do not agree with childhood "relationships," but that's another post for another day.

Over the weekend I decorated my house for Christmas...oh, that reminds me, I should post pictures of my tree. I digress, my house is now decorated for Christmas. Indian Nick has been over quite a bit lately, entertaining Madison while I've been out of commission. The last few days Indian Nick has been over, and I have caught him just staring at our tree. When I asked him about it, he told me his family doesn't celebrate Christmas, and that he thought my tree was beautiful.

Because of my financial hardships this Christmas, Damian and I are not exchanging Christmas gifts with each other. But Damian has decided to give Indian Nick a Christmas present instead. I think it's a great idea! I can't wait to see his face. In the mean time, I just enjoy watching him stare at the tree.

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Johnny Depp at His Best?
I'm a big fan of Johnny Depp, but I can't really say that I've always been. It's not that I didn't like Johnny before, it's just that he didn't wow me. That was until Pirates of the Caribbean! I love those movies! Funny thing was, I pretty much had to be made to watch them. I didn't see the first one, and for my birthday last year Damian took me to see the second one...I was less than excited. In fact, I was kinda pissed that he choose the movie on my birthday! But once I actually watched the movie, I was pleasantly surprised!

I have both enjoyed and been disappointed by some of Johnny Depp's previous roles. What's Eating Gilbert Grape? - Loved it, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Hated it, Secret Window - Didn't see it, Blow - Loved it, Chocolat - Boring...you get the picture. But I think Jack Sparrow was the defining role for Johnny Depp. By defining role, I mean I would now go see a movie just because of his name. Though my girl T has felt that way since Edward Scissorhands.

That being said, I'm all for seeing Sweeney Todd. Partially, because I also loved Jersey Girl (with Ben Affleck) and if you've seen the movie then you know that the young girl in the movie convinces her day to take her to see the Sweeney Todd play. So I'm intrigued. You should visit the official Sweeney Todd movie site and see for yourself! You can also visit Sweeney Todd on Myspace.

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Picture Time!
Tuesday, December 11, 2007

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Oh the Woes of Life
Monday, December 10, 2007

Did you know worrying is a sin? I guess it makes sense, but I never thought about it. I'm learning how not to worry. Easier said than done. Life isn't dealing me the hand I had hoped for. I'm trying to find a way to beat a flush with a sorry hand, and not sweat it.

If you've been a long time reader (and by long time I mean 3 months) then you know my boss and I don't have the greatest relationship. She has done some pretty shady things in the past to both myself and other co-workers. Most recently she wanted me to fire 2 employees that I didn't feel deserved to be fired. She just wanted them gone because she wanted to bring in her own crew. I very respectfully explained that I was not comfortable firing them "her" way. Meaning, I'm not going to fire a girl off maternity leave stating we don't need her anymore, and I'm not firing a single dad because she doesn't like the way he keeps his cart. At any rate, within 3 months she had worked her magic and fired them anyway.

In this whole process, I have had several promotions snatched out from under me, though promised to me, and did not get my annual raise. Now, if I deserved it, I would understand, but we are "tested" within the company, and I personally have the highest score in her entire region (approx. 40 employees). On top of that myself and 2 other managers took the CAM (Certified Apartment Manager) course in November, and I am the only one of us who passed it.

So what's up now? Well, Damian has been painting for my apartment community since he returned from Texas. He painted for us prior to moving to Texas, and then again during the summer months he spent here. I had it approved over a year ago that he could paint for us. So when he returned, he began painting again. But today, she emailed me and called my maintenance guy and told him Damian was to stop painting immediately, and could no longer paint for us. She said that because of our relationship he could not work for me. Crazy how it didn't matter 11 months ago, or even 5 months ago.

I have this gut feeling I am next to be canned. And based on my gut history, I have been right about her every time. I'm batting 1,000 when it comes to figuring her out.

My plan? Stay on disability for a while. :) She can't fire me when I'm on disability, I am a protected class. I have a doctor's appt tomorrow, and I'm going to ask my doctor to keep me out of work for the next 3 weeks or so. This will give me time to look for something else. And since I live where I work, this means I have to find a new home too. Oh, the drama!

Well, mark the date, because I'm positive something will work out, and I'll be better off for it. And be sure to remind me of this next time I whine or worry.

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Letter to Me(Me)
Sunday, December 9, 2007
I've seen this on several sites, and though no one tagged me, because we have all moved pass the tagging movement, I too will participate. I encourage you too also. It is a great look back, putting incredible perspective on your past.

Dear Stephanie:

Hey Steph, it's you, 10 years older, and 20 lbs heavier! Which yes, means you are no longer Ethiopian looking, and people no longer call you "Annie"xeria, "Stick", or "Twig". Instead you now go by "Skittle" and more affectionately by Damian the ultimate love of your life "Skittle Bottom", "Honey Bunny", and my personal favorite "Stinky Booty." Yes, you have truly become a nerd, so get over it!

Well, the first thing I need to tell you is that you don't know it yet, but you are pregnant. Probably only about 2 weeks right now. You'll "know" before then, but find out for sure in January. It's a girl, and you'll name her Madison. The morning sickness starts immediately, so get used to it.

You already are suspicious that Chris is cheating on you with Michelle. Let me save you the trouble. He is! You'll find this out. You'll find letters, and lots of other proof. It will be too late though. You will have already married him. I guess if I could tell you to change anything it would be, on your wedding day, when you look at Dad and tell him "If we sneak out the back now, we'll be gone before anyone knows it" GO! DO IT! Dad will wish he had believed you then too. Remember this, Madison is not a mistake, but marrying Chris is.

When you find out you are pregnant, Mom will flip! She won't talk to you for several months. She won't be able to look at other babies without crying. She is hurt, and has to deal her way. Dad will be better, but he mostly just wants to keep peace. Jessie will be judgemental, and Mandy is young, so she'll be cool. You'll grow close to her through this. Nana will support you 100%, and you only have 11 months left with her. You will spend most of them with her, but sneak in as much extra as you can. She passes suddenly next year, so make this Christmas with her the best ever!

This coming year will be the toughest year ever. You will be miserable, and life will seem like it can't get worse. And it doesn't, it actually gets better.

You'll go through years of drinking, partying, and men. Whoa, slow down! You will regret most of it. And if you'll just be patient, you will meet the most wonderful man in the world, Damian. It'll be 7 or 8 years from now though. But be ready to think outside the box, Damian doesn't fit the "tall, dark & handsome" that you are expecting. I mean, he is dark & handsome, but quite a bit darker than you were thinking. He he.

Two more things. Don't turn your back on God. Things aren't always easy, and you really do need him. Life is easier when you have a good relationship with Christ. Don't worry, it's not too late...I just wish you would realize that now instead of 6 years from now.

And finally, start spending money wisely now, because 10 years later, you still suck at it! If you would start saving now, maybe I wouldn't be in this stupid apartment!

Okay, I really could go on forever! So here are a few quickies before I close...September 11, 2001 will change the world forever. November 25, 1998 will change your world forever.

Oh, yeah before I go...the spot on your left breast. It's not there now, but it will be in a couple of years. Have it removed immediately. I don't care what the doctor says. It isn't nothing, so get rid of it right away. If you wait 4 years it will have spread, and the surgeries will be less than pleasant.



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Update on Mandypoo
Saturday, December 8, 2007
I just thought I would take a moment to update everyone on Mrs. Mandypoo and Baby Elijah. Both Mandy and Elijah came home last night (Friday). Elijah is a bit Jaundice and spent 17 hours under the bilirubin lamp. Unfortunately, he had to get a portable bilirubin blanket to take home, and has to spend all of his time under the blanket when he isn't feeding. They will go to the doctor tomorrow to check his bilirubin count and hopefully he can come off the blanket. Fortunately we have a pediatrician with a 24 hour office, so they have a Sunday appt.

Mandy is doing good, but is very tired. Eli is feeding every hour so she isn't getting much sleep. But other than that, she is getting around really well, and adapting to motherhood quickly!

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Go Elf Yourself
Check out my elf!
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Who names these guys anyway?
Thursday, December 6, 2007

Damian and I were talking today at lunch and he reminded me of a very funny and of course embarrassing memory from my past. I felt I should share this with you, so you too can laugh at me. :)

I was 16 years old, and signed up to play in the church basketball league. Only 3 girls from our church signed up, but we had 2 teams, so I was the only girl on my team. (Thanks Coach Clark) At any rate, we were playing a tournament one Saturday morning, and all of us "guys" were sitting around waiting for our game to start. Okay remember I said I was 16, that was 11 years ago, and the big movie that had just come out at that time was Toy Story. For those of you who have teenage girls, or ever were one (Sorry Matt & Joen this is not you) you know that at 16 you are still allowed to make a big deal about kiddie movies...it's just a free pass you get as a teenage girl. So back to the story. This little boy (say 4 or 5 years old) walks in the door carrying a doll from the movie, at which point I yell (and I quote) "Oh My God, That kid has a Woody!" Yes, I realized what I had said instantly, and was soooo embarrassed.

And now, you may each tell your very embarrassing moments!

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Pay Day Loans
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Call the Doctor and Ask
Wednesday, December 5, 2007
I randomly ask Damian question through this whole healing process to which he generally answers "Call the doctor and ask." Thanks babe! So the other night I was out of Lortab. Oh, the horror! So I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to come off the Lortab. I still have plenty of Darvocet, so I will downgrade. But Damian says "Don't you think you should ask the doctor before you just switch drugs." So I call and the doctor says I can take the Darvocet 4 hours after the Lortab, and I'll be fine. So I did. WRONG! I was not fine! I was high as a kite! To make matters worse, Mandy was in labor! I went to visit her, and I'm pretty sure my mom asked Damian to take me home to sleep. Luckily the high wore off during my nap, and I was sober enough to hold baby Eli by yesterday evening. I've heard I was the talk of the hospital yesterday. Okay, well maybe not the hospital, but at least the talk of the maternity waiting room. He he! Well, as of today, it's Motrin from here on out. I'm on my way to being healed! Pictures to come!

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Elijah Adams is Here!
Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Mrs. Mandypoo gave birth to Elijah Adams today at 4:09p.m.! He was 6lbs. 9oz. and 20inches long. After a good bit of laboring Mandy had not progressed at all, and Elijah's heart rate dropped during every contraction. Mandy had to have a c-section, but is doing well. Elijah is beautiful, and I couldn't be a more proud aunt!

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Tomorrow is the big day
Monday, December 3, 2007

I've used this title before...even recently, but this time it's good news! My sister is supposed to go in to the hospital tonight to be induced. Baby Elijah should be joining our world some time tomorrow! I have been resting up all day to be ready for his grand entrance tomorrow.

I've had somewhat of a slow recovery, only being able to sit up for 2-3 hours in a 24 hour period without being in extreme pain. But today was a better day. Damian took me to get my hair washed, and since it was such a gorgeous day, he road around town with the windows down and my seat all the way back so I could relax outside my stuffy house. After my "big adventure" I took the best nap I've had since my surgery, and I have felt great since then!

Don't worry though, I'm taking it easy tonight, so I can conserve all my energy for the big day! I have a doctor's appointment at 10:00a.m. across the street from the hospital where Elijah will be born, so I am hoping by the time I'm done at the doctor Mandypoo will be through laboring so that I will be able to see Elijah before my body requires me to lay down again. So Mandy, work with me please! :)

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I just love give-aways, and I haven't entered one in a while. Well, the Domestic Diva and Kodak Gallery have joined together to give a way a $50 Gift card! The Diva swears by her customized mouse pad, apron, coffee and travel mug. With so many items to choose from, I don't know how I could narrow it down to just $50! They have ties, shirts, calendars, Christmas cards, ornaments, frames, labels, and the list goes on. Photos make great gifts to the hard to buy for friends and family. So what better than a customized calendar or mug?

Being bed ridden these last few days, I have had no choice but to online shop for Christmas. Kodak Gallery has now given me another place to buy! (Even if don't win the gift card)

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What Now!?
Sunday, December 2, 2007
I'm not sure who wants to cry more...Damian or me. Neither of us are getting sleep. Both of us are miserable. Last night when things finally settled down, I got up to set the table for supper. My grandparents had picked up barbecue chicken, stew, and dessert for us, so all I really had to do was pull out the plates and silverware. After supper I got up to put my plate away, and instant pain. Severe pain. Lasted about 45 minutes. I took the max pain meds and 2 hours later couldn't pee again. Are you stinkin kidding me!?! So I have learned I have to take 1 1/2 pills to kick the pain without putting my kidneys to sleep. Maybe today will be better.

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I Tee-Teed in the Potty Today!
Saturday, December 1, 2007
That last 36 hours in a nutshell:

Wake up at 4:30 a.m. Get dressed, brush my teeth & in my car by 5:00 a.m. Wow! Nobody is on the road that early! Wow, I am actually at the hospital on time! 5:30a.m. Woo Hoo!

6:00a.m. I head upstairs, put on my "see more hiney" gown, and my pretty shower cap.

6:30a.m. The nurse comes in bringing my stylish toe less stockings and inflatable leg warmers. She takes my blood pressure, and my temperature. All is well.

6:35a.m. Nurse 2 comes in to put my i.v in.

6:40a.m. 5 minutes later, I am screaming, and she is still digging to find a vein. The anaesthesiologist comes in and says he'll take if from here. Thank you!

7:00a.m. I am still crying like a 2 year old, as I'm being rolled down the hall to the OR. The anaesthesiologist gives me a shot to deaden by arm, and puts the iv in without any trouble...stupid nurse! And that is all I remember until...

11:30a.m. Recovery nurse chatting it up with another nurse as I try to come in and out of la la land. Gosh, am I thirsty! Can I please have a drink...so they bring me sprite.

12:30p.m. I'm ready to leave the hospital. I have drank a can of sprite and a can of diet coke. Hmm, maybe I should pee before I leave. So I try. No go. Gosh, my mouth is so dry...I have got to have another drink. I drink a whole bottle of water and the last 1/2 of Damian's Gaterade on the way home.

1:00p.m. We are home! Can I please have another drink? Another gaterade down the hatch and my mouth is still completely dry. Mom brings lunch but I can't eat it since it is stuck to the roof of my mouth. More gaterade...and a nap.

3:00p.m. Mom takes Madi home, I'm awake & thirsty. Oh, but I have to pee again. Wait a minute, I never peed before. So I hobble like an old lady held by Damian, and still can't pee, what is up?

4:00p.m. - 7:00p.m. nap, drink, sit aimlessly on the toilet, nap, drink, sit aimlessly on the toilet.

7:00p.m. Scream in pain. Oh my Gosh, I have drank 2 sodas, 2 bottles of water & 4 Gatorade's & haven't peed once. My stomach looks 5 months pregnant & is hard as a rock. I'm going to die.

7:02p.m. Damian has put me in the car, screaming in agony and is flying to the ER. I am in so much pain by the time we get there he carries me in crying and screaming. They take me right to the back. I have now officially scared every other patient in the ER. 10 minutes later, Damian has signed his life away and I am getting a catheter.

7:15p.m. Relief....1000 ML of relief. "Woah, we have to clamp it for a minute. If you drain completely out, you'll cause your bladder to spasm."

7:30p.m. Empty 1000ML into urinal can = 32 oz. Wow, that's a lot of pee!

7:45p.m. Unclamp catheter, teach Damian and I how to empty it, and send me home.

8:00p.m. 700ML full again! Crazy!

10:00p.m. - 2:00a.m. - 2000ML full (that's 64 oz!)

12:00p.m. Saturday - Catheter removed and I finally feel the relief of peeing! My mom stands in front of me and claps and says (insert baby talk) "I'm so pwoud of you! You tee-teed in the potty! Yay!"

3:00p.m. I'm home, I can tee-tee on my own, so now it's time to take a nap! Hello, Loritab!

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