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Who Taught that Boy to Pitch?
Friday, August 29, 2008
Presidential Candidate John McCain just threw the most beautiful curve ball I have ever seen today when he announced Gov. Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential Candidate! She wasn't even in the running yesterday. I mean, I guess she was, but I didn't know about it (obviously).

Boy, did he hit it out of the park!

Sure, no one knows her...but I bet there have been A LOT more google searches on her name than Biden. She's sparks an interest that no other candidate has, since Obama's first appearance on Oprah. She is beautiful. She's a mom of 5 kids and most recently a son with down syndrome. She's so down to earth...got her start as the president of PTA. (How's that for empowerment. It's like Erin Brockovich all over again.) She was Miss Alaska at one time. She is a member of the NRA, and is married to an Eskimo. Really, has there ever been a more interesting vice president?

Okay, really I'm bouncing on walls, and it shows (my writing is all over the place). But I just thought I would reassure Mr. McCain (my number 1 closet reader) that he had made an excellent choice!


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Oh No She Didn't Just Get Political
Thursday, August 28, 2008

I am aware that it is not kosher to discuss politics and religion at work or a dinner party. But I googled it, and didn't see anyway where that it said it wasn't kosher to blog about it, so here I go!

I am 95% Republican. I don't believe I am 100% of anything other than Christian. So as a general rule, I vote along the Republican lines. That being said, I have swayed on an occasion. November 2008 will NOT be one of those occassions. I will certainly not vote Obama-Biden, for many reasons, some educated some just good ole gut feelings.

I tell you that to go into these 2 topics: Know. I Mean Really Know Who You Are Voting For and McCain VP Pick. Which do you want first? Well, too bad, we are going to go with McCain first.

My Take on McCain's VP Choices
Rumor has it John McCain will choose his VP running mate tomorrow. Who will it be? In the running are former candidate Mitt Romney (not a horrible choice, but not my first pick), Former Penn. Governer Tom Ridge (is he really going to help?), Minn. Governer Tim Pawlenty (who?!), and former Dem. Senator Joe Lieberman (my personal choice).

Why Lieberman (besides to prove to Damian I don' t have a problem with Jews I just choose not to go to their church)? Hello, it just makes sense! There are Democrats out there who are not ready to vote for Obama, (maybe because they think he's Muslim, maybe because he's black, maybe because he's not Hillary) but for whatever reason, they aren't willing to wear his shirt just yet. So let's through another Democrat (yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever, former) in the mix, and give them a ship to jump to! Republicans are happy, they have McCain, Democrats are happy, they have Lieberman (or had, again whatever) and Independants are happy, they've got Lieberman.

So Mr. McCain, if you happen to stumble upon my blog, (because I know you are a closet reader...I just know it.) and you want my personal opinion...McCain-Lieberman 08!

Know Who You Are Voting For!
Nothing, I mean almost nothing, okay some things, but not a lot of things piss me off as much as knowing that there are THOUSANDS of Americans (some educated and some not) about to make the most UNEDUCATED vote of their lives. I cannot tell you how many people in the black community I have heard say they are voting Obama simply because he is BLACK! Are you kidding me!? He didn't grow up poor, he doesn't understand your ghetto lifestyle anymore than John McCain. He isn't going to be able to empathize with you more than me just because he is darker than I am. What is that!?

I don't have a personal problem with people voting for Obama because they believe in what he stands for. On that, we just agree to disagree, and I continue to respect your opinion. But for those who would elect a man as first in command to one of the largest nations in the world simply because of the color of his skin. It's just sad.

(Stepping down off soap box)

And now back to your regular scheduled blogging!


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Tomorrow + 24 Kids = Birthday Fun!
Friday, August 22, 2008
Tommorrow is Madi's birthday party at Monkey Joe's! Fun will be had by all (big kids too!) Pictures will follow.


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365 Days and 6 Kids
Friday, August 15, 2008
My neighbor and her husband are in their mid to late 30s (I'm guessing). They are both on their 2nd marriages and have a total of 6 kids...ALL BOYS! 4 are from her first marriage and 2 are theirs together, which means yes, she gave birth to all 6. The oldest is 17 then 13, 12, 10, 5, and 2. He is the courtesy officer at my apartment community and works for the police department. She sells insurance. As you can imagine with six kids they generally make just enough to get by. Over the last 4 years he has gone to school full time (in addition to working full time) and got his degree in IT. The Police Department then told him they didn't have a job in IT for him, and he remains under paid in the same job...until October.

For the sake of his family, Tom will leave in October to go to Iraq as an independant contractor doing only God knows, and using his IT degree. He will receive approx. $20,000 as a sign on bonus and be paid an average of $11,000 - $16,000 per month depending on the job he is assigned. That is $132,000 to $192,000 a year! (I'd say that's quite a jump from $32,000 on the Police Force!) He has to sign on for a year, and will receive 1 paid trip home. He has the option to take 2 additional 1 week trips home, but he will have to pay for them (which shouldn't be an issue with the money he will be making).

Now my questions:

1. Would you do it?
2. Would you let your spouse do it?
3. Could you stay home with 6 kids?
4. Is this really the "only" way they can get ahead?
5. Is he really going because he just realized they have 6 kids?
6. Is it wrong that I'd like to sign Damian up too? :) (Hey, it's not like we haven't lived in seperate states half of our relationship anyway, and this time its for $100,000+)
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Monday, August 11, 2008

Well, guess what! Apparently during the month of July I had a blogoversary! Go figure! Well happy Blogoversary to me. It's okay you don't have to congratulate me. It's kinda like being seperated during your anniversary; it's kind of a sore subject. I mean its not like I blog all the time these days. Maybe I could start going to counseling. Or maybe if we just communicated more we could save this relationship. Well, for now I'm going to put on my party hat and celebrate (because nothing else matters if chocolate is involved!)

So for those of you who care, and are wondering just what is going on in the life of Skittle here is a quick list of one liners...

I still have a job (which is always good)
I'm all moved in and settled
Madi started her new school last Monday. (I have a 5th grader!!?!)
Damian is still in Texas
I tried to adopt a dog, but Damian reminded me of my promise not to until we get married (grrr)
My new leasing agent is less than desirable
Aparently I am "WOW" worthy with my hair cut and a tan
Now that "So You Think You Can Dance" is over I don't know what I'll watch til Grey's starts back up
I am going to see The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 tonight

It's sad to know I haven't really updated in months and that is all I can come up with. I lead one exciting life. :)

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Bumper Sticker of the Week
I just love bumper stickers. Well, I love reading them. I don't want one on my car, but I love to read everyone elses. Anyway. I saw this one today and it made me laugh. I'm thinking of starting a weekly bumper sticker blog. Which would mean, I would actually have to blog weekly. Man, I wish I loved this site like I used to. :(


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