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Tattoo Obsession
Friday, August 31, 2007
I have had a tattoo obsession for quite sometime. I actually have one, but only a little one. Damian has 6, and though I'm not a fan so much of his particular choice of art, I love the tattoos. We have talked about getting matching tattoos...we want stars, but just haven't gone to get them yet. He also wants a sleeve, and I want a tattoo on my ribs (thanks Miami and LA Ink)

So I've actually been discussing this a lot lately...with the girls at work, with friends, and even Damian. For a while getting a second tattoo, though a desire was pretty far off since I couldn't think of where to put it. I had several ideas of what to get, just not where to get it. After a while of not thinking about it I realized I have a desire for a tattoo on several areas. So I guess now my problem is solved.

So out of the blue tonight, I get a picture message from Damian...and his new tattoo! What, thanks for telling me!?! Would I have gotten one without him? Probably not. Is that crazy of me? So if I get one now is that just tit for tat? What if I really wanted one? Who am I kidding...I'm a planner. First I'll surf the internet for pictures, then I'll blog about it, ask your opinion and put it off until Damian returns to town. :)


So these are the actual stars I want...just not the location

And this is where I want them, just don't like her stars...

I also want a cross & a dove...I like the dove on this blanket


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Pity Party Alert!
Thursday, August 30, 2007
You have been warned! This post is nothing but a complaint, because sometimes you just need to vent! (and if you are still reading by the end of my rant feel free to comment)

I'm good at my job...I'm really good at my job. That's not being prideful, it's knowing I found something I'm good at, and I'm doing. I know I'm good because we are tested & I have the highest scores in my entire region...and my everyday numbers show it. I have taken an apartment community that was struggling, and things are turning around. We are 94% leased, and we no longer have the bad reputation we once had. So 3 or 4 months ago when my boss came to me & said "we have a new property in Atlanta, and I want you to transfer there" I was all over it! I was excited about the opportunity to move up. Fast forward, fast forward...I turn down the Atl position for an even better opportunity (still within the company). Fast forward....

My regional manager comes to me just over a month ago & tells me "she thinks it's too early to pull me from my property, and that for now it would be better not to move me." In a 2 month period I had turned down several positions or opportunities (in and out of the company) based on her word I would be receiving a position with a new property being built. Needless to say I was pissed!

So a week later, a scenario changes and an employee of mine is given a raise (from my regional) which puts his salary above mine. Now this beyond pisses me off! No way will I be the fall guy & you make more money than me. No way am I the guy in charge & you make more money than me. No way do I have to work overtime & not get paid for it when you get time & a half on a wage higher than mine!

And to top off the money issue, we recently got a very nice bonus (which I am very blessed to have, and I really do recognize that), of 4 weeks pay, which means the employee whose salary is more than mine...yep, he got more than me. I don't want you to think it is completely about the money...(it is partially about the money, I worked for it) but it's largely about the principle of the matter. I worked for a long time to get us where we are, and he just joined the company 3 months ago.

So I call my regional to set up a meeting with her. So as of today, she has yet meet with me. She visits the other 8 properties regularly & hasn't been to my property (less than 2 miles from the new property which she visits weekly). Hardly returns my calls & only does that when she needs help with something (because I am a billion times more computer literate than her), and will say "I know we still need to talk...but can you help me with something"

Today, I hear she is in town (at the other property of course), so I show up. What does she do? Tuck her tail and run. She seriously goes "well, we were just walking out to go to lunch...are you ready Sue?" I am just so tired of her avoiding me (which is obviously very professional). She made the decision to screw me over & now she can't look me in the eye. The crazy thing is...she really doesn't know what I want to meet with her about, so it has to be her conscience getting to her as to why she is avoiding me. (It ought to be anyway.)

Okay, I feel a little better...but since I have been bottling most of this up for over a month, I'm still pretty pissed!


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Moving Up
Tuesday, August 28, 2007
I want to know why I don't have a camera crew following me around as I look for a home...

After looking through several listings I narrowed my search to 2 houses I wanted to tour today. The one I posted a few blogs ago & one my realtor sent me. After looking at the specs, I actually was kinda leaning toward the second one. I had an apt. with my realtor to view them at 4:30 today. So at 2:30, Brian calls me to tell me that the 2nd home was pulled from the market today...Are you kidding me?! So I settle for looking at house number one only. The location of this house is perfect! It sits on 1.08 acres and is 3 (or 4) bedrooms & 2 baths, hardwood floors, slate counter tops, and a beautiful fenced in back yard. This is my attempt at the floor plan which is kinda odd!

After looking at the house, Brian and I searched the mls listings together & found several more options. This leads me to a very important question.

Would you buy a house that was ugly on the outside for what's inside?

The absolute ugliest house in Macon met the criteria I was searching & when we pulled it up, it is perfect inside! It is 4 bedroom, 3 bath with awesome master suite, playroom, and unfinished basement. The colors are very contemporary & they have the tile backsplash in the kitchen that I love. The living room has exposed beams in the ceiling and the master suite has an exposed brick wall. It is 1,800 sq feet & on a great side of town. It is in the same price range as the smaller houses I have been looking at, and has so much more to offer. Do you want to see a picture?

See...I told you it was ugly :) But check out the kitchen...(I just love the tiled wall!...not so much the vinyl floor)

So, could you get past the exterior? I think I could, but I'm not sure about Damian. And I would forever be giving directions as "take a left, go down about...we are the ugly house on the right." :)


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House Hunting Update
Monday, August 27, 2007
I am getting serious about the house search! I have a realtor now! :) He sent me a list of houses to look at & I'll get back with him this week & go look at my picks! I'm so excited, and can't wait to have a home!

On a side note, my next door neighbors (who happen to be the most evil people in the whole apartment community) called today to break their lease!! They are moving!! I did a dance when I hung up...and then another when they actually picked up the Notice to Vacate form. I plan to dance again when they drop it back off!!! Yay!


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Yes, my daughter is spoiled, and yes I was too!
I touched on this slightly in my last blog. I am a single parent to a 9 year old little girl. Everything she has ever gotten has been from me or my family. It has taken us years to reach this point. I was working as a receptionist making $7/hour when Madi was born. We had NOTHING! Over the years that has gradually changed. My current job however, has allowed us to have more than we've ever had in the past. I have made a point not to overdo it...but, I also know I can't take it with me when I die, so I'd rather spend it where Madi can enjoy it, and I can enjoy her enjoying it!

She is also an only child, which means I have only 1 birthday a year to buy for & only 1 child at Christmas to go all out on. When there is only 1 child there is more money to spend on that child. But I can promise you, if you asked Madi if she would give up her Wii, motorcycle, PS2...whatever, for a brother or sister, she would do it in a heartbeat! Unfortunately, I can't provide that for her now. As a result, I have more money to spend on her. (As a result, not as a replacement)

So when my child is blessed with an awesome gift, must I be immediately be guilted by others who cannot or choose not to afford these things for themselves or their families.

My pastor often says we are so good at crying with our friends when they are mourning, but do we celebrate with them when life is good for them? I'm sure I've missed the mark myself...but I have made it a point to be aware of this.

My advice? Be a good friend, celebrate with your friends! Chances are we will share the Wii with you anyway!

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What's In the Box?!? Pt. 2
Yesterday was Madi's birthday, so we finally got to open the box. Okay, I let her open it herself...and I took video which I will ad when I figure out how :) So after 2 1/2 rolls of wadded up papertowels and a days worth of bubble wrap, just below the wrapping paper was a....

So Damian gets cool points for buying Madison the birthday present I searched for 2 months for, and couldn't find anywhere (other than ebay for a jacked up price of $450!)

Since yesterday was not her actual birthday party (because my parents are in Alaska), she only got to open one present from me also. Of course, it was her big one which was a ...

So, yes, I am aware my little girl is quite spoiled, and yes she and I both heard that no less than 10 times yesterday. (rolling eyes) (which is a whole 'nother blog in itself, which I just may post this afternoon)

As I promised pics & video will be soon to follow!

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Sunday, August 26, 2007
I recently heard about a Sweepstakes , for free gifts and prizes, and have to tell you...its the coolest thing. Imagine winning all kinds of gifts, including cash, Apple I-Phone, HDTV, and even a Scion! Now I admit, I was a little skeptical. But after looking into it, it seems pretty legitimate, and it's so easy to use!

Bid4Prizes is very simple to use. You simply go to www.bid4prizes.com , click on the "All Prizes" tab, browse through all the different prizes, pick the one (or more) that you want to bid on, and place a bid. (To place a bid, you must have a cell phone that is able to receive text messages). To place your bid, you simply put in your cell phone number and then the amount you want to bid in cents. (You can also bid by texting the name of the item you are bidding on, along with your bid, to 81000). The object is to have the lowest unique bid. That means that you want to be the ONLY person who bid a certain amount, and you have to be the lowest bid that only has one person that bid it! You don't actually have to pay what you bid, the prizes are free!

So now I bet you are wondering what you have to pay! For only $9.99 a month, you can receive up to 20 bids per day! Use them any way you want to...20 bids on one item or 1 bid on 20 items! Go check it out!

This is a sponsored post


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Family Affair
Friday, August 24, 2007
Since I now have several readers who I do not actually know...(which was the whole goal of this page). I thought I'd share...

Mandypoo, my beloved commenter actually doubles as my sister :) Hence the fat jokes (she's preggo), the hardheaded & stubborn jokes (my daughter is very much like her), and even the occassionaly goodlooking jokes! As you can see we look very much alike!

I'm on the right, Mandypoo is in the middle & that is our oldest sister on the left. (The little girl is a cousin)
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What's in the box?!?
Here is a random posting about random events throughout the day! The only rule...1 comment per random fact. If someone already commented, pick another event & comment too!

My boss didn't show up again today, as usual, so I didn't get to ask for a raise.

Someone forged a reference letter today, but I called to verify and they got caught!

The pasta at Applebees sucked. The Triple Chocolate Meltdown saved the night!

Madi fed Baby Alive real oatmeal, because she is a nerd.

Damian mailed Madi a birthday present and we can't open it until Sunday (and it's killing me!)

Deep down I'm secretly hoping he mailed an engagement ring too :)

I'm gonna be pissed if he used all his money to buy a bike (with an "I love my bike" bell) and doesn't have the money for an engagement ring.

I bought Madi a razor pocket rocket (or whatever that thing is) instead of a PSP for her birthday...I better get cool points for that!

I found a house I want BADLY, Damian likes it too...maybe it's the one!

Let the comments begin! Remember...1 comment per topic!


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WooHoo...6 Comments and Counting!
Thursday, August 23, 2007
Today is the day I begin working out again, as I have gained 6 lbs. since January. I'm going to start working out right after work each day...oops, I didn't go today :) Okay, seriously, I'm gonna go when I finish blogging (maybe).

Damian bought a truck last night! This is huge because this means he is coming home soon! The last contract is complete, and he obviously made some dough because he bought a truck and a bike (as in bicycle, not motorcycle)...don't ask, I don't know! It actually has a bell on it that says "I love my bike!" It's a good thing he's hot!

No really...he is...see

My co-worker had her baby today. Me being the procrastinator I am waited until Monday to find a fill in...yep, put that one off til the last minute, only had 9 months notice! Luckily my new girl starts Monday!

Tomorrow I'm going to ask for a raise...I deserve it, wish me luck.

Today I talked with a previous employee who I fired a few months ago. She moved to Virginia. She told me she has been putting out resumes. Yikes! They have no idea what they are getting into. Unfortunately my company has a policy against giving references. That sucks huh? I mean, she was asked to leave for a reason...shouldn't I be able to tell them that? I'd be surprised if she made it past the interview process anyway...common sense she does not have!

Well, I'm hungry...and I'm still supposed to do that evil exercise thing (which actually interests me a little more than giving up my daily chocolate chip cookies).


Okay, so I actually did go exercise! (and tan) I am exhausted now...I even took out my contacts because even my eyes are exhausted. My weight loss goal...to lose pound for pound what my sister gains each month :) ha ha ha...she'll love me for that!

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Grr ~ Homework
Tuesday, August 21, 2007
I hated homework as a child...who didn't? And as a teenager, I chose not to do it. :) So now that Madi is in 4th grade the homework is getting pretty heavy...and to make matters worse, I'm not here to supervise! Madi gets out of school at 3:15 p.m. (and is home by 3:30ish). I don't get home until after 6:00. So she has 2 1/2 hours time where no one is allowed in the house, the tv is not allowed to be on, and she is not allowed to leave the house. This should be PLENTY of time to get her homework done...but she's not getting it done! I just want to scream! When I get home, she is usually still working on homework until 7:30 to 8:00! This is ridiculous. I really believe it is mostly her fault. She just won't focus. It's crazy though. She knows she can go outside and play or watch tv or play on the computer as soon as she is done...she just won't finish!

Honestly, Madison is in the gifted program, so it isn't an issue of just not getting it. She is LAZY! She doesn't want to think for herself. If you don't know me you may would assume that maybe she has never been required to think for herself. But that is far from the truth. In fact, my mother has often gotten on to me for making Madison become too independant. I just don't know how to make her understand that if she would just hurry up and do it, it would be all over!

As my mother would say...."Hardheaded Youngen!" :)

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Third times a charm, right?
This is my 3rd blog contest...so this is the one! ;)

Dreais offering a give-away along with CVS and PLAYSKOOL of PLAYSKOOL baby products worth $75! Before you all begin to panic, NO...I AM NOT PREGNANT! But my sister is! Little Eli is due in December, so it would be great to have a whole gift basket full of things for my favorite nephew!

While PLAYSKOOL is a name I knew and trusted when Madi was a baby, there are so many cool things for babies now that were not around when Madi was young! For instance Heat Sensative Spoons! These spoons change colors when dipped in food too hot. Unbelievable! I remember the whole...dip your finger in the bowl method...which of course works too ;)

Then of course their is the Infant Grooming Setwhich hopefully my younger sister will use more often than my older sister! (Jessica refuses to cut the girls' nails...it drives me crazy!)

Thanks CVS, PLAYSKOOL, and Drea for the wonderful give-away!
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VIIsions Blog Update
Monday, August 20, 2007
Just so you know! :)
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House Hunting
Sunday, August 19, 2007
I have lived in apartments and townhomes over the last 5 (ish) years...and I am so tired of it! I want a house, a yard, something to call my own! If I get a wild itch to paint my bathroom green, or my living room red, or even my kitchen orange, I want to be able to do it! Don't get me wrong, apartment living has a lot of benefits and I appreciate that. If something breaks, I don't fix it. I don't do yard work & I have amenities like a pool, tennis court, playground, volleyball, work out equipment, and even a tanning bed right under my finger tips. That part I love, but I'm ready for the next step.

I have been driving around looking for houses and found a new subdivision recently. Saturday, I met with a reprentative for the builder and toured about 9 floorplans. I told him I wanted to see two different sets of houses. The first: 4 bedrooms 2.5+ baths, with the master downstairs. This would be a starter home for Damian and I, and have plenty of room to run the two businesses we are both starting up. Here is my favorite!

It's a great, and the absolute perfect layout! I just fell in love with it the minute I saw it! It was the first one I saw, and the one I cam back to, after I had seen them all.

The second set of houses I asked to see were smaller 3 bedroom 2 bathroom, which I would be able to afford on my own. Of course, this isn't my preference, but if Damian isn't ready to settle down, I'm not sure I'm willing to wait in my apartment forever. (I'll wait for him...just not in my apartment) So here is the other option.


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May I speak with Madison?
Saturday, August 18, 2007
Even though we had Madi's birthday party tonight, her actual birthday is not until August 26th, which is a Sunday.

Obviously by the choose of party theme, Madi is a big fan of High School Musical. So when I heard about Walmart teaming up with Disney to host wake up calls from the characters of High School Musical I immediately ran to my computer. Sure enough you can schedule a wake up call from either Sharpey or Chad from the movie.

Of course, this is huge for Madi, since she is in love with Corbin Bleu a/k/a Chad. She has no idea, but I scheduled a wake up call for the morning after her birthday (Monday, the 27th).


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It's My Party, and I'll Dance if I Want To
Friday, August 17, 2007

Tonight was Madi's birthday party. We planned a "High School Musical 2 Premier" birthday party. I went all out & decorated to the 9 for this one. Posters, streamers, dance floor, backdrop...I even got a big screen & bean bag chairs. We had hotdogs, popcorn & movie theater candy. It was truely a blast!

We invited 15 kids from church, school and the neighborhood, and a first happened...14 showed up! I am used to inviting 15 and 8 or 9 showing up...NOT 14!!! Honestly, they were really well behaved and the party was great. Every commercial break the kids got up & went into the sunroom to dance. I took several pictures & videos and will try to put them up soon.

This year was a cool year. We invited both boys and girls, and had 9 girls and 5 boys. I was very surprised in how the boys enjoyed the movie just as much as the girls! And how great the kids got along!

So now I have to clean this house...which has a nice layer of beanbag beads (because we decided to pile 15 bean bag chairs and stage dive into them from the couch!) and popcorn (because apparently it isn't fun to eat if you don't spill half the bag on the floor!)

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Advantage Auto Quotes
Wednesday, August 15, 2007
I remember one of the best parts about turning 25...lower car insurance rates! So now you don't have to wait until you are 25. At Advantage Auto Quotes you can get lower insurance rates no matter how old you are! They even offer low rates on teen drivers ! That ought to make for some happy parents.

No matter what your situation, Advantage Auto Quotes can save you money. Trust me, I know what its like to pay outrageous insurance rates because of a poor driving record . Advantage Auto Quotes can even save you money no matter what your driving record.

And the best part is you can get both your quote and policy online .
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Yes, I will let you pay me!
Tuesday, August 14, 2007
Blogging comes naturally for me. I enjoy it, and my addition to it is increasing. I love the opportunity to share with friends and readers my opinions, hopes, dreams, and daiy drama!

So then I heard about getting paid to blog...why not? I'm gonna blog anyway, I'm going to give my opinion whether you ask for it or not. This way I not only get paid to give it, but I have the opportunity to try so many new things. At Blogsvertise you can sign up to have advertisers contact you! It really takes all the legwork out it! You sign up, they contact you, you blog, they pay! I am so excited about this new opportunity! Thank you Blogsvertise!


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Whats in a name
I have thought a lot lately about eventually branching out on my own in my current career. I manage an apartment community. The company I work for has done wonders to help me excel in my career, both by the assistance offered and not offered.

I would eventually like to start my own management company for individual real estate owners. In Macon there must be 10 management companies already, but not one of them offer the individualism that you get from an apartment management company. Something gets lost in translation between apartment management and rental management.

With apartment management you get it all...the company does the financials, the upkeep, the marketing, the sales, everything. We are the ultimate middle man.

With real estate managment you get the paperwork! On several occassions (and recently out of curiosity) I have called several rental companies to inquire about a rental house. Each one told me the same thing..."Stop by our office & pick up the key, leave a deposit, and drop the key back off when you are done." All of this must be done through out 1 business day. No overnight holding of the key, no meet me at the house, I would love to show it to you.

My goal is to intergrate the two! Two offer full detailed management to rental property owners that would include marketing, customer service, financials, budgeting, upkeep...the works! So now that you know my vision you will understand why I will call my company "Visions Realty" or "Visions Management Company"... Taking it a step further the love of my life, Damian plans to own his own clothing line one day. He plans to call it Seven Visions, which has a deep spiritual meaning to him. Knowing his vision and mine I have considered "Seven Visions Realty"... So today I was playing around on the computer on my lunch break and putting together a logo. When I googled images for "seven" I realized the Roman Numeral for seven is VII. So I have decided my company will be "VIIsions Realty"... And to play on the seven I my Mission Statement will include 7 visions of the company.

It's just a start, but what do you think of my logo?

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More Addictions
Monday, August 13, 2007
My Sister recently posted a blog about guilty pleasures! Well tonight is the premier of one of mine! I am so excited about the season premier of THE HILLS! I just love this show!

On a side note...I turned the t.v. to MTV 30 minutes early so I don't miss a minute of The Hills. Engaged & Underage is on right now which I catch occassionaly when nothing else is on, but this time its 2 19 year old girls! The families are usually not supportive on this show, but you can imagine how the parents are reacting to their daughter getting married so young, and in a same sex ceremony. I find it sad to see two young girls so lost.

I recently heard a statistic that ssame sex relationships are more likely to be abusive and controlling than opposite sex relationships. Obviously, this doesn't go for everyone, but after watching this episode all I can say is that this couple definately falls under that stereotype.

Imagine my excitement when there were TWO episodes of The Hills tonight! :)

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60%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Mingle2 - Dating Site

Not bad for a newbie!


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$500 Prize
Saturday, August 11, 2007
Check this out! I found this web hosting provider, JohnCow.com. They are are having a cowpetition and are giving away a $500 prize! Anything you want for $500...Playstation3,or an Xbox360, a Nintendo Wii, an iPhone .. you name it, they’ll pay it! Don’t miss out and check out their mad cow blog!


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Mr. Linky
Friday, August 10, 2007
I saw this contest on Domestic Diva's site & thought I should enter! With a nephew on the way & two beautiful neices of course I would love a Mr. Linky. I love the size, and the fact that the entire doll is cloth, not hard plastic.

Lindie & Friends

The Domestic Diva is having a giveaway!


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It's A Boy!
In honor of the awesome news I received today, I will be posting in blue!

My cousin & his wife who are unable to have children have been trying to adopt for quite a while, and after having one mother change her mind and reclaim her baby they are finally going to be parents!

My little cousin was born 2 weeks ago, and the time period for the birth mother to change her mind is up. They will be bringing their little man home this weekend!


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Just call me detective

Okay, so technically that isn't exactly how it went down...so far only one guy has been charged, and though my video tape will help prosecute in court, the cops caught the guys without the tape, but I like the headline :)

The other day when I was preparing late letter for the the many residents in my community who refuse to pay rent on time (grr), I noticed several residents late who are never late. I thought it was odd, but went on about my business. Well sure enough, I received 4 phone calls by 9:30 the next morning all saying they had dropped their rent check in the drop by Sunday evening. By the 3rd call I told the girl to stop payment on her check and I would call her back. I instantly went to my camera & reviewed the tape from Sunday night. At 2:30 a.m. I watched a young guy fish checks out of the drop box. Stupid looked right at the camera. I have turned the tape over the the investigating officer. I was so proud of myself :)

These 3 guys have been on a spree the last week & a half, hitting over 40 apartment communities from Atlanta to Warner Robins stealing thousands of dollars worth of checks and money orders. Some were recovered at the time of their arrest, others (including my 4) were not.

The cool thing is the guy currently in custody is not the guy on my tape, so they will be able to make another arrest this week.

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Next in line...
Thursday, August 9, 2007
You can follow this link to see the news story regarding Madison's school dismissal process! I told you it was crazy! Two people were taken to the hospital on Tuesday from heat exhaustion!


There is an open forum scheduled this evening to discuss the procedure. I will be there! :)

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Close your legs & watch your kids!
Wednesday, August 8, 2007
There is a family in my apartment community who's situation is driving me crazy! It is a single mom going through a divorce (but sleeping with another resident in the community) & her two children. Her kids are wild! I mean bad wild! But what do you expect? This woman has talked to me about her marital problems IN FRONT OF HER KIDS! She parties all the time & has this man in her house ALL the time, even though she is technically still married. She sends her kids outside in the morning & won't let them back in the house during the day. It is not uncommon for me to see them outside playing at 11:00 at night (ages 6 & 9) by themselves. But the most annoying part is the fact that these kids are knocking on my door and my neighbors door constantly...

"Can I come in, my mom isn't home?"
"Can I have a drink, my house is locked?"
"Can I use the bathroom, I can't get into my house?"
"We can't afford any food right now, can I have a snack?"
"Can I come in and watch t.v.? We don't have cable."
"Can I come in? I want to play with the baby." (my neighbor's baby, not mine....I don't have a baby)

I feel bad for the kids...but I don't like them! I am not about to risk my child becoming like them by letting them hang around my house. They are rude, have no manners & are flat out liars. I have tried being nice & letting them play at my house when I can supervise it, but the disrespect is unbelievable. Again though...what do you expect when they are not required to respect anyone.

So I am tempted to call DFCS...is that crossing the line?
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Madness!!! Where is the method?
Tuesday, August 7, 2007
I had a high school teacher once, my trig teacher actually, who used to always tell us to show our work, because even if we got the answer wrong, if she could see a method to our madness we would still get some points. Since then, I have always tried to live by that philosophy. When I do not see eye to eye with something, I try to look for the method behind the madness so that I might understand...at least a little!

So when Heritage changed the dismissal procedure for students this year, the result is just that...MADNESS! Heritage is somewhat different than the majority of the Bibb County Schools in that 75% of the student do NOT ride the bus; their parents take them to school and pick them up. This makes for a ridiculous car pool line! The only saving grace behind the 30 minute car pool line is parking & walking in...which is also a chore, since parking is very limited, but less time consuming. So you figure with 60% going through the car pool line & 40% parking and going in, it somewhat balances out. The result? Madness...but there is a method.

So this year someone decided to erase the method. No more parking & going in! Let's make the carpool line 50 minutes instead of 30! Let's watch the line form a mile and a half down the street, and those parents who do park...let's make them stand outside in the heat until 30 minutes after school is dismissed before we call their children. The result? Madness....nope, no method...just madness!

So as a working parent I am forced into a dilema. First, we live 3/4 a mile from the school, but it is a major highway, so for Madi to walk home is not an option. Second, there is the big cheese. The problem with that is we have the most unreliable driver EVER! I have tried my hardest to get this woman fired, to no avail. School starts at 8:45 a.m. so if we live 3/4 mile from school why does the bus pick up at 7:40 a.m.? School ends at 3:15 p.m. so why does Madison not get home until 5:00p..m.? Really, it makes no sense. The third option is the old car pool lane. Am I really going to have to take my hour lunch everyday from 3:15 to 4:15 to pick Madison up 2 minutes down the road?

All this to say, I have decided to complain would do no good. I am sure that with a school of 900 students, someone has already thought to do that. But to complain & offer a solution...see that would be different.

So here is my challenge:

How do you dismiss 650 students in orderly but quick fashion?

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August 6th?!?!
Sunday, August 5, 2007
Is it just me or is August 6th entirely too early for school to start? Unbelievable! Bibb County schools start back tomorrow, and even as a parent I am just not ready. I can only imagine what it must be like to go to school during summer months. Its just crazy in my opinion. This is Georgia...let's send the kids to school during the hottest month of the year? I really wonder who came up with this idea. I hate for Madison to go as much as I hated to go when I was her age.


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How Cool is That?
Thursday, August 2, 2007
So I have explained the condo situation. What I forgot to mention is not only do the old people not use the amenities, they also do not go out to the beach. (I know, why live at the beach if you aren't going to visit it?) So when you look outside there is generally a total of 12 people over the span of 9 buildings. This makes it pretty boring when you go outside. So this afternoon when Madi & I headed to the beach, she asked if we could go down the beach where there were actually people. We walked down about 7 or 8 buildings & headed out to the ocean. After boogy-boarding for about 30-45 minutes, we decided to head in. As we starting walking to our towels I heard "Stephanie King" so I turned...there stood Jason, Melissa & Aimee Comer (the youth pastor, wife & daughter). They will be staying the condo when we leave, but since they had a couple extra days off, they decided to come down a couple days early & rent a place. It just so happened Madi & I decided to play right in front of their hotel. How cool is that?

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Old & Bitter!
Madi and I are at the beach staying in Pastor John's condo. His condo is in a building in the middle of about 9 buildings all managed by the same company. I have come to realize that most of the people in this building are OLD and actually live here. They spend their days monitoring the amenities to make sure the guests are not mis-using them but never actually using them themselves. For instance, the indoor pool...not once have I seen anyone other than a child in the pool, but twice while using the pool have residents of the 7th and 10th floor made their way down the elevator to let us know we are being loud. Really? It's a pool...inside the building...a building that echos. Maybe someone should have thought that out a little better if noise is a concern. Can I just ad that the second instance didn't actually involve Madison. Nope, in fact the lady actually came down from the 10th floor to let us know the little boy who was crying needed to quiet down. Yep, apparently crying is against the rules.

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