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Monday, October 29, 2007
As most of you know I have skin cancer on my breast which will have to be removed soon (still waiting on a surgery date from the doctor). Last night as I was getting into the shower I found another lump on the same breast. The doctor has said my skin cancer has not spread, but has done no tests to confirm this. Now I am worried. I am trying to get an appt for a sonagram or mammogram or whatever I can get today, so I will keep you posted. Skin cancer I can deal with...breast cancer, I'm not ready for. Please pray that this lump is nothing.

Oh, and Mandy, I haven't told mom yet, so please don't. I'll call her this afternoon probably.


I went to the doctor today. There is definately an addition to my breast (in the words of the Diva). I have an appointment on Thursday for an ultrasound. Because of its location it is quite possible that the skin cancer has spread through a milk duct, but also just as likely it is nothing more than a cyst. I'll just be happy to know. Though apparently Damian was right before, and I must be in denial, because this still doesn't bother me like it is my family.


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Bad Credit Loans
Money...the root of all evil.

Money...the solution to your problems.

Money...the number one cause of divorce.

Some say it's not everything. Others say without it you are nothing.

But today it's deceiving who really has money at all. Credit...not money, can buy you what you need. Credit can get you through when the pay check has run out. So what happens when you've ruined your chances? When your credit is no longer good? It's not easy to get bad credit loans.

Now I am not personally an advocate of credit cards. I don't believe you should finance your weekly groceries, weekend bar tab, or your movie fix. But I think life can be quite difficult without having someone out there who will give you a loan. Cars, House, and maybe...maybe furniture, electronics and other big purchases become more attainable.

There are companies out there who do believe in second chances...Thank Goodness!


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Monday Night The Hills!!

Yes, I live vicariously through young blonde rich girls, living it up at the beach. I am in love with Lauren's dress for her meeting. I want one! Poor Whitney was a little too over-dressed, and got called out on that.

I hope Lauren and Brody get together. Lauren missed him while in NY. Aww...although maybe a little clingy since she was only gone 1 night.

So, Damian picks on me for watching this show, yet he watched it with me, so I guess that means he can no longer pick on me. :)

Plus, I needed a filler for my paid posts :)

Everyone needs a little extra money!


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Today's Housing Market
The big buzz these days is the housing market, and the recent news about mortgage companies. Around Macon you can't drive down one street without seeing a house for sell. If you are a buyer, the cards are in your favor...take your pick. A seller? Well, my advise? Price low! Between the fact that new construction is going up left and right, and mortgage companies are in trouble, buyers can be choosy, and sellers pay the price.

I bought my first house at 19 years old, with little credit. I didn't have the benefit of being choosy about my Mortgage Broker. Oh, it was such a nightmare! Never would I recommend that company to anyone, and never have I. I believe that through the current mortgage crisis, we will find out the Who's Who in the mortgage world!


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Always Late!
Sunday, October 28, 2007
I am chronically late to everything. I just have very poor time management. But what is even worse is when everyone seems to be plotting against you getting somewhere on time. You know what I am talking about. When the 87 year old lady is going 48 mph on a two lane highway where the speed limit is 65 mph (and you know you were going to go 75 mph), or when your iron burns your clothes as you are just finishing up. It happens to everyone...it just seems to happen to me MORE!

Friday evening I told Damian I hoped for an event free day on Saturday. I had ZERO intentions on going in to the office. So what happens? I get woken by an early a.m. page that an apt has been broken in to. Once I called the cops, took pictures, called a window company, and filed the report it was 10:15 a.m. but I was still alone in the office. We open at 10:00 on Saturdays, so where was the leasing agent? I gave her a call...no answer. 10:50a.m. after several calls, she shows up and I can now go home...well, after we have a talk about her being 50 minutes late.

I start walking home, when my mom calls..."Steph, are you coming to this shower?" OMG! It's 11:05 and my sister, Mrs. Mandypoo's baby shower started at 11:00a.m.!! So I pick up from a walk to a jog (only a job because I had a cup of coffee in hand), throw on clothes, jump in my car & speed down road to the shower. Thank you to Mandy for forgiving me for being 25 minutes late!

After the shower I came home, took a nap & woke up at 5:30p.m. Pulled up my email to see if the birthday dinner for my grandparents was at 6:00 or 7:00 p.m. So which was it? Ha! my luck...it started at 5:30! Seriously?! Well, repeat from earlier...throw on clothes, jump in my car & speed down the road to the dinner. What a day!!

On a side note...Damian is steady talking football to me, and I haven't heard a word he has said. I just keep smiling and nodding. Do you think he notices?

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I Signed up for PPP!
About four months ago my sister Mrs. Mandypoo told me about a way to earn money writing posts on the internet. I was very skeptical at first. "Are you sure? And it is not a hoax?" I asked. I was sure there was a catch, but Mandy assured me that it was completely legit. So I created a blogger account and three or four months later, thanks to Pay Per Post I'm getting paid to blog!

Okay, so it didn't happen overnight like I had hoped...but it was pretty easy! With Pay Per Post, your blog has to be ninety (90) days old with over seventy (70) posts. But my guess is most of you who read my blog already qualify! Just click here and get paid to blog.

It's a great way to earn cash whether you are a stay at home parent, college student, or just trying to earn a little extra cash on the side! For me, I'm a single mom with a full time job, but anything extra I can earn is a blessing. And since I enjoy writing...I can't think of a better way to earn it. I plan to use my earnings toward Christmas gifts. With a 9 year old money is more often easy go,than easy come.

But the best part is what I didn't expect; the people I have met in the process. I didn't create this blog to make friends...but that is just what has happened. I have built friendships with people from all over...Texas, Australia, Chicago, Canada, and many more!


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A Stitch in Time
Wednesday, October 24, 2007
I got a call from my doctor's office today. The second biopsy came back as expected & confirmed that I indeed have skin cancer. Now they will go ahead and set up the surgery & plastic surgery to follow. She asked if I had a preference in plastic surgeons. I told her, "Dr. 90210" Unfortunately, he is unavailable. I'll be happy with anyone who will slip a nice C cup in each breast while he is working in that general region.

Then the following dialoge takes place:

Me: "What about my stitches?"
Nurse: "Well, you will have to talk to the plastic surgeon about that."
Me: "Huh?"
Nurse: "Well, he's the one who will be putting them in."
Me: "No! The ones in my breast right now!"
Nurse: "Oh! Hold on."
Nurse: "Oh, you can take those out tomorrow."
Me: "Um, okay...thanks."

Did I mention I almost pass out everytime I have stitches taken out? Ugh, makes me nauses. It's something about that thread passing under my skin; it makes me stomach do flips.

So I get home tonight & tell Damian that I am going to need him to take my stitches out. PAUSE This is where I fill you in on our relationship. Damian and I have chosen not to have sex until we are married. No, neither of us are virgins...far from it. But prior to meeting each other, both of us reached a point in our lives where we decided to abstain from sex for spiritual reasons, as well as realizing just what we had made of sex. But we also aren't like many couples who choose not to have sex, but do everything but....nope. We kiss. That's about it. Of course, we have failed at this before (though still never had sex), but we do stay pretty strong.Play Okay, so back to the stitches. This means I have to find a way to expose my breast enough for Damian to remove my stitches, without exposing my breast. Ha! Easier said that done!

So 20 minutes later, I have a band-aid over my nipple, a bathrobe on, and Damian standing over me with fingernail clippers and tweezers. It was quite a site I'm sure. And after 10 minutes of him succeeding at NOTHING, I man up, grab the clippers & tweezers and clip my own stitches! And I only got a little queesy when I pulled them out. But yep, the plastic surgeon is definately taking the next ones out!

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It's A Celebration!
Saturday, October 20, 2007
My friends Matt & Ashli got engaged last night! I actually ran into Matt at the bank yesterday afternoon & he told me he was popping the question. He took her to the Sundial Restaurant in Atlanta & then to the Rascal Flatts concert. They are high school sweethearts and have been dating for like 4 or 5 years (they are both 21.) So very exciting!

Also yesterday, our friends Kim and Jason got married. They went to the Smoky Mountains and had an outdoor wedding on top of a moutain. It was on the web, so Damian got to watch it. (I was still at work).

Love is in the air! Just makes me smile!
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Bargain Shopping!
My older sister sent me an email today reminding me that Black Friday is fast approaching. For those of you who don't know, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving a/k/a The Biggest Shopping Day of the Year! But, hey, who's excited? (<---Me!) This is a day based solely around spending & saving money all at the same time. Something most men just can't comprehend.

So, if Black Friday appeals to you, so should coupon codes. Coupon Chief is a website offering coupons and discounts from tons of well know retailers. For instance, they have Target coupons for Matt, and those of you who plan to buy a baby gift for Mrs. Mandypoo. And K B Toys discounts for those of you who plan to stand in a 2 hour line for this years big toy. I even found a 25% off coupon to Limited Too which is perfect for Madison!

So Happy Shopping Everyone! It's the most wonderful time of the year...


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Grey's Anatomy
Thursday, October 18, 2007
Due to Grey's Anatomy being on tv, immediately followed by me trying my hardest to cuddle with Damian a/k/a Anti-Cuddle Boyfriend. Short post tonight. I know, you are sad, but really, nothing good happened today. Tomorrow however, is date night! Damian has promised me a Vanilla Latte and Low Fat Blueberry Coffee Cake! I just love Starbucks!

Any suggestion of what else we can do? I'm over the "dinner & a movie" so what else is there?

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Stainless Steel...Cabinets?

My sister & her husband are house hunting, and I was doing the same earlier in the year. We all know the new rage for the kitchen is stainless steel appliances. So what about stainless steel cabinets?

I really think they are too "restaurant" looking. I waited tables for years, and this is what I expected to see in the kitchen of a restaurant. I think they just may be too "industrial" for my kitchen, although I'm not against them in a garage. In the right "man room" the just may be pretty cool. What do you think?


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Awards, News & Snot

First of all and most importantly, I would like to thank Joe over at Intermission at Work for presenting me with this award! I know that over the last 2 weeks I have not kept up with my blogging responsibilities & I apologize. With this award I will step back up to the plate of posting and commenting!

Now for me to bestow this award onto my fellow bloggers. First I would like to present this award to Linda. Linda always has a good read. Her matter of fact point of view is often hilarious and always something you can relate to. Second, after having seen this particular blogger get shunned by both the Academy and the Emmies, I still find his blog a blast, always guaranteed a laugh...so Matt here you go!

Moving on to the news portion of this blog. I finally after 3+ months got approved by Pay Per Post & can begin getting paid (more than the $11 from Blogvertise I got 2 months ago.) So just remember when reading my site, until my ratings are up, I don't get dibs at the good posts, so please scroll past the reviews if you are not interested & please don't tune out. I promise to continue with my usual posts as well!

Finally, the snot! I know you are wondering what that is all about. Well, I woke up with a cold yesterday & this morning when I woke up I discovered that my body can in one night produce my weight in snot! Goodness, no wonder my nose hurts after a cold. If I worked that hard all night I'd be sore too!

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Christmas in October
Wednesday, October 17, 2007
In the apartment industry we have a trade show once a year, hosted by the apartment association. This is where vendors for all kinds of things (maintenance supplies, landscapers, painters, laundry services...) set up booths, give away free stuff, door prizes, and food. The theme was sports...so I went dressed as my favorite football player...Damian (Have I mentioned that he played Arena Football when I met him?) I just missed winning the costume contest...no prize for second place :( And seriously, is fly fishing a sport? I guess she won for creativity.

Aside from lots of cool things like the level, screw driver, flashlight all-in-one, and the samples of cheer detergent, lots of pens & candy; I won a doorprize! (My brother-in-law swears I am the luckiest person alive. I always win something.) No, I didn't win the 4 tickets to the Falcons game. No, I didn't win the GPS navagation system, and nope...didn't win the $500 cash. What did I win?

A SHOP VAC! So all the men last night were like "Umm, what are you going to do with that? Can I have it?" So I tried to trade if for 2 tickets to the Falcons game...oh well. Instead I am now the Best Girlfriend Ever in Damian's opinion, because he got a new shop vac last night. He is so excited!

Maybe next year I'll win the $$$$!
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Forgive Me ~ I Have Sinned
Monday, October 15, 2007
Okay, so I have returned from my hiatus. And the first thing I must do, is confess to committing a blogging crime...

Rewind to my previous post Road Trip, I packed for both myself and my 9 year old daughter in 15 minutes. So I'm sure you can understand how easy it could be to......leave my camera behind! I know, I know...this is grounds for termination of my blogging rights. But I beg of you, please do not revoke my blogging license. I need this! And I promise, it won't ever happen again.

So you will now have to use your imagination as I take you through my roadtrip across 5 states in 2 days.

Knowing that we would need to be in GA on Sunday evening, it only made sense to leave early on Saturday morning...which explains why we left Houston at 2:00 in the afternoon. :) Well, obviously, since we left so early, we headed North to Tyler, TX to visit my cousin Rachel & her husband. So we left Tyler at 5:00 in the evening & began our 14 hour drive.

We drove I-20 through Texas, into Lousiana (which can only be described by the many, many casinos),

and over the beautiful Mississippi River

We stopped in Vicksburg, Mississippi for the night, and got a great deal at the Fairfield Inn (Got to love Marriott!) The Super 8 Motel was $89/night & we only paid $99/night at the Fairfield, thanks to my super negotiation skills. After a delicious continental breakfast including a self made waffle; and a nice hot shower, we were on the road again. Then it happened...

2 hours into Mississippi, we get a flat tire

We stopped to get gas in Meridian, Mississippi and after meeting the not so friendly Mississippians in the Exxon, Damian and I return to the truck to leave, walking in just the perfect angle to notice the lack of air in the front passenger tire! Are you kidding me?! So I walked back into the gas station & asked if they knew where we could get our tire repaired. The clerk tells me "No", and the guy leaned across the counter lacking the majority of his teeth goes "I think there is a TA truck stop a few exits up, you should go there." I very politely explain that the tire is POURING OUT AIR, and that we will not be able to make it A COUPLE OF EXITS. The clerk, now aware that I am a little irritated, goes "Well, it's Sunday, you won't find much open on Sunday." Great!

So I ask to borrow her phone book & walk outside. I head over to the truck to begin going down the list in the yellow pages, when this gorgeous young man drives up and goes "I hear you have tire trouble." Nope, we just pull up to the air machine to cool off! "Yeah, we seem to have a flat." "Well, I could help you if you need it." Wow, two gorgeous men bent over looking at the flat...hmm...do you think they could take off their shirts? :) So Freddie, helps us get to Walmart (which by the way is less than 2 blocks up the road Thank you gas station people!. We are able to get the tire patched, and on our way within 30 min and for $10! Damian and Freddie exchange numbers & hand shakes...I just stand back, now aware that Damian read my mind about the shirt thing earlier.

A very uneventful state...and finally

Home Sweet Home!

All in all it was a great trip. Damian is home!

And between Matt & Freddie, I am beginning to think Mississippi may not be such a bad place!


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Looking for Love?
Sunday, October 14, 2007
You know the drill. Thursday, Friday and Saturday night at the bar. The one guy or girl who looked interesting...not so good in the light. Next morning crying to a friends (or complaining if you are a guy) that "there are just no good ones left." After every friend you have trying to set you up with the perfect (and I use that term loosely) match, and everyone failing, you begin to wonder if YOU are the only single person left who isn't single for an obvious reason. (Um, I mean, so I have heard...I've never been through this myself..ha ha WRONG!)

So I know you have considered Internet dating...maybe even tried it. With so many dating sites out there, it is so hard to know which one to choose. So, why not try a website specifically for singles in your area. At Flirtbox you can meet men and women in your area. Georgia Singles meet other singles right from Georgia, and best of all...It's FREE!

This is a sponsored post.


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Saturday, October 13, 2007
Update...again! I went back Thursday morning for my second biopsy. I figure a few more biopsies and I won't have skin cancer anymore! :) Seriously though my left breast is swollen just enough to give it that perfect lift. Although my breast are lopsided these days. Maybe we should cut on my right one too. I will get my second set of results in 2 weeks, and probably have surgery within a week after that.

After a bad morning Thursday, considering the local didn't do it's magic and I felt the Dr slice my boob. I called Damian told him I was flying to TX, booked a flight and left work. I successfully packed Madi & I a bag in 15 min, sent her off to my moms & headed to the airport. So here I am in TX!

In fact, Damian and I are loading up the truck...okay, who am I kidding? I am blogging as he walks by with a load every 3 or 4 min. I do move my feet for him though! :)

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Quick update
Thursday, October 11, 2007
I swear to each of you, I will soon rejoin the blogging world. Oh, I can only imagine what I have missed!

I had a second biopsy this morning. Apparently the diagnosis and the actual appearance just don't match...so my doctor wanted to get a second diagnosis. He said he's pretty sure he is just confirming the first, but we'll see.

Diagnosis as it stands for now: Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans, Morphea

Which means "Slow spreading rare cancer with roots"

I'm really okay. My mom feels better after going with me today & talking with the doctor herself, and I'm sure Damian will feel better when he gets here.

My sister was worried that I might have IBC, which is a rare but most often deadly form of breast cancer. Though my "lesion" somewhat looks like a symptom of IBC this was ruled out immediately...so no need to worry!

Thanks for all the well-wishes, prayers and support!


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Crazy, Sexy
Tuesday, October 9, 2007
I thought I would be gone, but plans change. Not always for the best, not always for the worse.

Going to take Madi to the fair tomorrow, so no update tomorrow. Not sure how much commenting I will be doing either.

Got my results back on my biopsy. I have skin cancer. Sucks huh? They want to go ahead and take it out, then plastic surgery. I always wanted a plastic surgeon working on my breast, but really this wasn't what I had envisioned.

But hey, there is always a bright side, and Damian will be home ASAP now.


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Taking a Break
Monday, October 8, 2007
I have to take a break for a couple of days! I promise to come back soon armed with comments!
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Just Be Considerate
Saturday, October 6, 2007
Daszzle recently wrote a post about being a Napaholic and breaking all the rules of napping. Reading that post allowed me to enter a new world of adulthood and freedom. It was liberating. I determined at that moment, that no more would I fore go a nap just because it was already late in the day.

And today was my first opportunity to "break the rules!" I met my mom for lunch at this incredible tea room in the small town where she lives (just 10 minutes from Macon). We left there to meet my younger sister Mrs. Mandypoo at Target so she could update her registry. Really I was NO help since everything is new from 9 years ago when I had a baby.

We were out so late today that I actually stopped and picked up dinner on the way home. After dinner I was exhausted! So at 6:30 I decided to sleep! I don't care if it means I won't sleep tonight...I have laundry I can do anyway. I just wanted to sleep right then!

So as I'm laying on the couch just slipping into that happy place, there is a knock at my door. I get up (not happy about it) open the door, and my neighbor & her 12 month old are standing there. (She often brings her over to try to stretch her until bedtime.) She peaks in and notices all the lights are out, and my hair I'm sure is a dead giveaway' and goes "Are you napping?" I say yes, and she walks in anyway! Are you kidding me?! So I go back to the couch & lay down. I do not turn on a single light...and leave the t.v. on mute. She just starts going to town talking, complaining, whatever, and lets the baby run all over the house. I give several hints...and 10 minutes later I finally say "Well, I'm going to finish my nap." She goes "You're going to sleep? You won't sleep tonight." and doesn't get up. Seriously, you are killing me! I say "yep." So she finally gets up, grabs the baby and leaves.

I swear it took me 30 minutes to fall back asleep, I was so annoyed. I am a grown woman, and I don't need my neighbor telling me when to sleep.


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The Simple Life
Wednesday, October 3, 2007
My dad bought a vacation home in the mountains today! Woo Hoo! I'm already scheduling my visits.


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You're Not Replaceable
The title is a quote from Newport Harbor. I thought it was great, and very fitting for this post.

Not everyone can be famous for creating Microsoft. Not everyone will be known around the world as the next Mother Teresa. Few will be known by many. Few will make headlines for who they are, or what they do. I recently told someone, that I'd be happy to be like my Nana. By the world's standard, she wasn't "great." She wasn't responsible for finding the cure for cancer. She never donated millions to charity. She drove a Mercury, and lived in a modest 3 bedroom 1 1/2 bath home.

But what she was the best at what she was!

She was a wife. She did it all for my grandpa...made his breakfast, laid out his pills, picked out & ironed his clothes, cooked lunch for him to come home to, had supper waiting after work; supported him after being laid off; stood by him during his medical problems; and so much more! She loved my grandpa for 45 years of marriage. She was a great wife!

She was a mother. She stayed home with my mom and her sister and brothers. She adopted my uncle when his 16 year old mom couldn't care for him anymore. She took my mom and aunt to piano recitals, didn't miss my uncle's football games. She stood by my uncle during the loss of his wife, and supported my other uncle while enlisted in the marines. He named his first daughter after her. Sadly she never got to meet her youngest grandchild. She was a great mother!

She was a grandmother. My mom and my Nana were so close, my mom didn't work while we were young, and she and my Nana took us everywhere! She was with us during swimming lessons. She went door-to-door to help us sell Girl Scout cookies. She ran to the school to pick us up at the first sign of sleet. She let us be kids...climbing trees, shooting b-b-guns, rolling down the hill in her front yard, and climbing the fence to play on the school playground. She didn't put up crap though. My sister named my niece after her. And if Damian and I ever have a little girl, she will have her name too. She was a great grandmother!

She was a friend. Nana's daughter married her best friends son. Isn't that crazy?! You always say it will happen, but it did for her. She and Mrs. Matt were always together. If one worked a wedding, the other helped out. If one took a big sewing job, so did the other. She was a great friend!

She was a person. Nana volunteered for so many things. She and Mrs. Matt donated the majority of the costumes for the church plays over a 20 year period, and if they didn't have one to fit someone. She made another one. She would bake 15 cakes a day when the fair came to town to sell in the Exchange Club booth. She was a great person!

I could go on for days. I could tell you a thousand stories. But what I really want to tell you is that if people look back on me and can say the same about me, then I have lived and never wasted!

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Blogging Friendships
Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Dragging my soapbox to center blog

Did I say something? Or would you even know?

As we all have learned in the blogging world, the way to "socialize" and expand in this blogging world is to click the links of others and comment. Through this method I have been able to expand to a group of blogs almost too large for my daily viewing time. And to think, just a mere two months ago I had about 4 blogging friends. (Sad, I know, but we all have to start somewhere.)

Today, I would like to complain about another blogger. No names shall be named, and no fingers pointed. And I assume it isn't talking behind their back when they have the freedom to come read for themselves.

One particular blogger, that often posts interesting topics refuses to comment back! What is up with that? I do happen to know that this particular blogger has a tracker, and even commented once about traffic being down. Maybe if you commented back occasionally people would come back. If your name appears down the side of my page, then I visit your site almost on a daily basis (but you probably already knew that, because you too probably have a tracker.) However, I have decided to only read this page weekly, if that. Like I said before this particular page is often interesting, so what I am truthfully doing is weening myself off their page. After my recent spike in readers (due to a little comment whoring) it isn't so hard to avoid this page these days...I don't have time anymore!

So in a nutshell. If your page is for public viewing, and you would like to have lots of readers, I'm no expert, but I'm guessing if you just comment here and there, you just might KEEP your readers!

Stepping down off soapbox

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Crazy, Weird Day
My leasing agent has had the flu. She came to work today, but wasn't feeling great. She didn't take lunch until 3:30 today, and apparently took her meds before that. She went to a McDonalds on a busy, busy road (Zebulon, for those of you who know Macon), and right after the employee handed her the food she passed out (at the drive thru window), dropping her bag of food on the ground, driving straight over the curb down a grassy hill across 3 lanes of traffic, over a median, 3 more lanes of traffic, over a curb and up another grassy hill coming to a stop in the Krystal parking lot. All that, and didn't hit one car! 3:30 in the afternoon & doesn't get hit! Unbelievable! God was truely watching out for her.

Oh, and don't forget to read my Happy Blog!


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This is the happy song, the happy happy happy song
Monday, October 1, 2007
Okay, after looking over my recent posts I realized that the majority of them have been negative in someway. I am not a negative person, and I realized this blog is not a true reflection of me. I often use my blog as an avenue to vent. This post will be anything but that!

All that is good...

I have the most beautiful 9 year old daughter!

I have met my solemate, and couldn't have imagined I could be so happy.

Though the days are always easy, I have a great job, that pays enough that I can support my daughter and myself.

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a stable family environment with both of my parents and my two sisters.

I have two beautiful neices (and a nephew on the way)

I have been blessed to have vacation in Hawaii, Texas, Florida, Salt Lake City, Steamboat Springs, NYC, West Virginia, the Bahamas...the list goes on.

I have been able to bless Madi with many of the same vacations...NYC, Salt Lake City, Florida, and Mexico.

I found the most amazing church about 3 years ago, and its still amazing today!

I had the most amazing grandmother ever, and got to enjoy 18 years of life with her! I miss her greatly, but I wouldn't trade one day of my memories! (Be watching for a post dedicated just to her!)

Life really is good! I'm sorry you don't get to hear that part very often!

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Being a Martyr Only Sounded Fun
I have lived in my apartment community for almost 5 years (with the exception of a 13 month hiatus). I have seen the neighborhood go from great to bad, back to okay. But I am just not satisfied with okay. I want to live in a peaceful neighborhood. I want my daughter to be able to play outside; I want her to have friends around the neighborhood. I want to be able to sleep at night without worry what might be going on outside. I want to be able to take evening walks without walking up on a drug deal.

I have now been the community manager out here for the last year. I am finally in a position to really make a difference. Of course as a member of the community, you can do your part, and I always have, but now I have "power!" I don't mean the Muhahhhaa kind of power. I mean the good kind of power.

Over the last year I have made numerous changes to the community, all for the better. A major grounds clean up, upgrades in the community, stricter screenings, and a tighter enforcement of the rules. I have also refused to renew leases of the families who cause problems bringing them to the harsh reality that "No, I don't need your money, if you being here is going to cause 3 others to move." It's funny that everyone just assumes that if they move my numbers will forever be devastated. Obviously, the goal is to be 100% occupied, BUT losing a problem resident can save so many more.

At any rate, the most recent problem has been loitering and drug deals. (Welcome to Macon!) I sent out a resident letter to set up a neighborhood watch...not one response. I set up a community meeting, only 1 person showed up. Seriously?!? Am I the only person who cares to see a change? The truth is NO, I'm not. Unfortunately, the majority of people who live in an apartment community basically have the mentality that there is a staff on duty, they should handle ALL the problems. Well, sorry people, but that is just ignorant! 5 people, can not change a neighborhood...it takes a neighborhood to change a neighborhood.

Even knowing I cannot change the neighborhood on my own, I still try. Last week, I walked up on a drug deal (on purpose), called the guys out & then called the cops. Stupid, I know. I've already been told! Two guys were arrested and 5 more banned from the property. Unfortunately the one person I really wanted to catch got away. This particular teen is a high school drop out, his parents owe September rent, and have no intention to pay it. They told their neighbor that they would just wait until I filed for eviction, then file an answer, so that we have to go to court just to drag the process out. Seriously, how trashy can you be? So I have been piling up evidence against them, and had hoped to have a drug bust on their record too, but no such luck.

Well, the whole point of my story is to say that E, one of Madi's little friends was sitting on the steps outside the Trash's door, and heard the guys saying they are planning to egg my car! Can I just tell you there are not enough words to describe my anger right now! I don't even cuss and I want to say every word in the book. I'm not trying to get your pity, but here I am a single mom, and for the first time in my life make enough money in my job to only work 1 job. I finally got a new car back in April (and by new I mean a 2005 Ford Explorer). I still live pay check to pay check. Honestly, if they egg my car, there really isn't anything I can do about it. It's October. That means any spare money I put aside is for Christmas.

I'm just so sore that there are people in this world with so little respect. Damian tells me all the time that I am too trusting...naive, that I believe people are better than they really are. It just pisses me off when people prove him right. Ugh!

Oh...the highlight of my night...The Hills is on. Got to go!


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