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Monday, July 28, 2008
Summer is almost gone and camp is over. To close out for the year, Trinity Woods had a Renaissance festival, and Madi had a blast!

She enjoyed archery
Spear throwing

And took quite a fall on Jacob's Ladder

She was a natural at bobbing for apples!

Then we made is across the bridge, pass the troll

Well, almost!

And on to the sword fighting...

Where Stephan was victorious and earned the throne!
All in all we had a good day and a new experience.


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Jonas Brothers...the New Kids on the Block for todays kids!
I think my daughter is in love with the Jonas Brothers as much as I was in love with Joe from New Kids on the Block when I was here age. Madi's birthday is August 26th and the Jonas Brothers are going to be in Atlanta on August 20th. Of course tickets are already sold out. All that is left is lawn seats. It just may have to do. :( Hopefully she will enjoy the concert a little bit more than she did when she was 6 and we went to see Jesse McCartney. We had lawn seats. It rained, we were cold and miserable. She got to see him, and then was ready to go. She's older now, so hopefully we can get our moneys worth this time.


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Thursday, July 17, 2008

I took a picture of the top of my hair so you can see the color. I still haven't really taken any good pictures of the cut. Oh, well! Mostly because this whole week I have been by myself. Madi spent the week with my Mom and Damian left for Texas. It has kinda been a nice little break, but now I am ready for BOTH of them to come back. At least Madi comes home tomorrow. I still have 45 days until Damian comes home.
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Another Year Come and Gone
Monday, July 14, 2008
What are YOU looking at?

I'm not doing so good about this whole updating thing. I'll get better. I promise!

Well, this weekend was my birthday. Happy Birthday to Me! I turned 28. Really, 28 is getting a little too close to 30 for my comfort. Ugh! Well, in an effort to stay young I dyed my hair pink! :) Why not? Okay really, I highlighted it and got a few pink highlights too. (So I exaggerated a bit.) You can't tell all that well from the pictures below, but it's all I got.
Oh, and on a negative note, Damian left this morning to work in Texas for 2 months. I swear if he stays a day longer than 2 months I just might not wait! (Who am I kidding. I'll wait. I'll be pissed, but I'll wait.)

My Birthday Dinner

With Madison and Abby (my niece)

Madison, Mrs. Mandypoo, and Natalie (my other niece)

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