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Friday, June 27, 2008
Tomorrow Madi and I move into our new home. It feels so good to know I have a place of my own again! I am so blessed that I have parents who were willing and able to help me when I was down, but I'm glad to see the end. These last 8 months have been some of the hardest times in my life. I have been tested in every area of my life....my job, my health, my finances, my family, my relationship, my pride, my dignity...every thing. Some areas I passed. Some I failed. Some I'm still working on. All in all I'm stronger on this side. I can't say I'm glad I went through it (maybe someday, but not today), but I can say that I survived it...and sometimes even gracefully.

So a new test begins tomorrow. Will I have learned from it all? Will I do better this time around? I sure hope so!


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Working is Hard Work!
Wednesday, June 18, 2008
Gosh! I forgot how much work, work is! I'm exhausted! I've decided unemployment isn't such a bad thing...it's actually kind of nice, but the pay really sucks :)

Seriously, work has been good. No drama (so far). I'm just not used to staying awake all day since I've been able to take a nap any time I want for the last 3 months. I'm thinking of implementing a community wide Siesta. I think it's an excellent idea. I think I'll put it in my marketing plan and see what they say in the home office.


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It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To!
Monday, June 16, 2008
Seems like my life continually brings new meaning to the song. I got a phone call today from my new boss just letting me know that because of all the "stuff" surrounding Nicole's termination, the company would no longer be allowing family and friends to work for the same apartment communities. Wouldn't you know that the property I will be working at is Damian's biggest job. He makes about 2/3 of his money at this property. Now he will no longer be able to work there.

It is just SO frustrating. I've been out of work for months, and I FINALLY get a job, and now Damian loses work because of it. I told him I would just turn down the job, and he could continue supporting me. :) That was a no go. :) Well, I guess we'll just see what's around the next corner. But in the mean time...I'm going to go pout!
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Thursday, June 12, 2008
I got a job!
I got a phone call today from my old boss at the "temporary" job. I talked with her yesterday, asking if she had anything...the answer was no. Today, she called and said "Do you still want a job?" Sweet! So I said yes. Then I asked where. That is where the bitter part comes in. Unfortunately, one of my good friends crossed the line, and was let go. It was hard to celebrate, when I knew and understand just what Nicole was going through at that very moment.
I called Nicole, and made sure she was okay with me taking the job. She understood, and said she would rather it be me than anyone else. I start on Tuesday!


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Who Are These People, and How Are They Related To Me?
Wednesday, June 11, 2008
My cousin is in town from Texas this week. Since I'm not working, I've been able to spend the days with her. Today, we both went to our grandparents house for lunch. When I got there, my cousin answered the door. She said my grandparents were in the back fixing my grandpa's hair. I thought maybe he needed a quick trim or something...Nope. She was combing his hair. Apparently she combs his hair everyday. My cousin's response..."Y'all are funny." I believe that was the understatement of the day.

Now when my Nana was alive, she did an awful lot for my grandpa...so much in fact that the family really had to step up when she died. She cooked his meals, laid out his medications, ironed and set out his clothes, etc. But she NEVER combed his hair if she wasn't cutting it. Nope, I'm pretty sure she would have informed him that he had 2 perfectly good hands.

Papa and my stepgrandma (who I love) are hilarious though. They dress alike. She clips his fingernails (something else I learned today). They go everywhere together, and sometimes that is just awkward (like when he is the only man at a baby shower). They are good for each other...and great for me when I need a laugh!


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86 Wallpaper
Sunday, June 8, 2008
My parents live in a time warp, and have for quite some time now. They bought this house 15 years ago, and it was covered in wallpaper head to toe. No seriously, COVERED! The kitchen: all the way around the bottom half. The dining room: all the way around the bottom half. Living room: the same, but with PINK walls on the top half. Foyer: top to bottom wallpaper. 1/2 Bath: top to bottom again. Hall: top to bottom with 2 DIFFERENT KINDS OF WALLPAPER. (That's just wrong!) And finishing off the downstairs 2 full baths with top to bottom wallpaper and border! (Luckily the bedrooms were free of this monstrosity.)

About 6 months ago, my parents stripped the kitchen and dining room, and began updating those rooms. Friday, I felt the need to help move things along. So I tore strips of wallpaper from the living room and hallway. No big deal in the living room. The paper tore perfectly in the strips it was put on. HOWEVER, the hall, on the other hand looked like bad art work when I got through. I ripped a few strips here in there...some 1" wide, some 6" wide. Some 3" tall others 30" tall. :) It was quite the eye sore! (Wish I had taken pictures.) So, Saturday, when I got home, mom and dad had set up to begin removing the rest. In a matter of 4 hours and 4 people, we stripped the hall entirely.

The moral of my story?

1. Wallpaper is of the devil. Don't be tempted. It is a sin. Stand strong and don't do it!
2. After 6 months of talking about doing it, it only took 1 day of seeing it 1/2 way done to do something about it.
3. 4 Hours & 4 People...that crap was on there good!
4. Obviously, since this was the only thing I posted about...my weekend sucked!

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In Bri Fashion!
Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dear Brianne:

I never knew your real name was Brianne, it was always Bri, and since your last name was so hard to pronouce, I just always assumed your first name was the same. There I go stereotyping you native Americans!

Today was your party! What a great idea. Your family never would have been able to do it if it hadn't been your idea. But it was definately a Bri party! Several people came in their Bri fashion with tye-dye shirts, mis-matched fashions, and trucker hats. We definately met new people and mingled. Heck, I even met the doctor who delivered you! Outside of your mom, he had us all beat for the one who had known you the longest. Some impression you must have made on him!

The line was long to see you. Most of us just stopped in for a minute because you were so tired. Your mom sat with you the whole day though. We knew it wouldn't be long, and honestly most of us felt like you would leave us as soon as the party was over. I know you were hanging on to go out with a bang.

At 8:00 tonight, you closed your eyes for the last time. You peacefully slipped away, and left your party here on earth to join the huge celebration in heaven. We all imagined, you were looking down, going "Guys! You call that a party?! You should see how they do it up here." But we gave it our best. I do have a confession. Despite the fact that we all told you we wouldn't...we did cry. But don't worry, we didn't let the sadness last too long. Liz started it off telling funny stories, and your mom, and grandma, Ashley, Bo, and your brothers shared story after story, keeping us all entertained. You were quite the funny girl you know....yeah, you know.

Bri, you were an incredible girl...start to finish. You never conformed, and never fit into life's box. But most importantly, you were selfless. I'll never forget the Sunday at church when Damian told you that I was going to have another surgery the next day. You made a point to tell me that you had chemo the next day, and nothing better to do during your treatment than to pray for me during my surgery. You truly are a great friend! I can't wait to see you again!


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Celebration of Life
Monday, June 2, 2008
In September, when I was diagnosed with skin cancer, we found out a 21 year old friend of ours was diagnosed with Leukemia. She began chemo and radiation immediately. Her prognosis was good. Around November she reached a point where she could receive a bone marrow transplant. However, because she is Native American, they knew there would be difficulty finding a match. In December, God answered her prayers and she received a 10 out of 10 match, despite all the odds!

Unfortunately, she got sick during that time, and her immune system would not allow for the transplant. Over the last 9 months she has gone through 8 rounds of chemo, constantly battling the percentage of leukemia blasts in her bone marrow. During her illness she would be unable to receive chemo and her blasts levels would increase to levels too high for a transplant.

Friday, she was told she had little chance of recovery or remission. She and her family made the decision to stop treatment. Because of the rapid spread of her leukemia, as well as pneumonia, septicimia, & a fungal infection on her skin, she is expected to live only another week or two.

Please pray for her family. Bri is completely at peace, and ready to go home to her father. However, after 9 months of fighting with her, I know that when Bri goes home, her family will need all our prayers. In the mean time, her family will be holding a Brianne-abration (or Celebration of Life) for Bri before she passes. I sure it will be hard for all who attend, but what an honor for Bri to be able to see one last time the many lives she has touched.

Feel free to visit her website to learn about her battle, her life, and her Brianne-abration.
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