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What Ever Happened to Happily Ever After?
Sunday, September 30, 2007
I thought today was going to be a typical Sunday. I woke up and got ready for church. Great service by the way! Went out to lunch with old friends I hardly see anymore, and headed home.

Lay down for a 2 hour Sunday afternoon nap...a necessity!

Receive the following text message from my assistant manager:
If I wanted a 2 bdrm apt., how much will you charge me?...I'm just tired of all the drama! "A" lives with her boyfriend and their 3 year old son. They aren't married but have been together for about 5 years. He's asked her, she just won't say yes.

Back to sleep

Wake up, check on Madi (who plays with my neighbor while I rest). When I walk outside the neighbors 5 year old tells me "L is going to Florida." (L is her 6 year old step sister) This means L's Mom and Step dad are fighting again. So I see L's mom, and I say "Are you leaving?" She says yes...she's done. The threats of leaving have been going on for the last 6 months of their 12 month and 5 days marriage. This time, she actually left.

I don't know how I feel about this. They are definitely NOT happily married, and despite what they say, I don't believe they would have gotten married if she had not gotten pregnant. (They have a total of 4. 2 from his first marriage, 1 hers previously "L" and the baby together.) I believe God despises divorce, but if He never intended them to marry in the first place, what's the answer?

So by 5:00 today, I watched two families fall apart. Neither of which were happy families anyway, still makes me sad.

Am I the only one who still believes in "For Better, For Worse" and "Happily Ever After"?

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Saturday is Pet Adoption Day
Saturday, September 29, 2007
I took Madi to a local fast food restaurant today...not to eat, we actually had already done that. We got a small snack, and went outside to play. Well, she played, I read.

It's not that she can't play at home, we live in an apartment community so there are plenty of children, and we do have a playground, it's just that I really have lost all patience for the kids in my neighborhood, and I had to get out of the house. It was good for both of us. There is so much bickering and fighting going on at the complex that it is good for her to get away too.

After lunch we went to Starbucks, I just can't get enough, then across the parking lot to Pet Smart. On Saturdays they host a pet adoption put on by the local Humane Society. We like to go look at the puppies and kittens. We went pretty late in the day, so many of the pets had already been adopted. There were only 2 dogs left. One was a 2 year old female Yorkie and the other was a mutt. This was not just any mutt, he was one of those dogs who looked sad. He looked like he had never been loved. It just broke my heart. Unfortunately I am terrified of big dogs, and could not bring myself to actually pet him. The Yorkie was actually adopted already & had not been taken home yet.

I do badly want a dog, but made a deal with D not to get one right now. Here is how it went. D wants a Mastiff (a/k/a HUGE dog). So I say, you cannot get a dog before we get married, because the only way I won't be afraid of him is if I live with him from the moment you get him. So he agrees and says, "then you have to wait too." Agreed.

Fast forward 11 months...I WANT A DOG! NOW! Just so happens a Yorkie is my dream dog. Yep, a Yorkie or a Westie, that's what I want. But like I said, this yorkie had already been adopted. BUT, they have 2 more at the shelter! 4 were dropped off by their owner, a breeder, when he decided he was done breeding. He dropped them off at a kill shelter, and the Humane Society rescued them. They are full-blooded, and only $100!

I called and left a message, as well as emailed the Humane Society. I also texted D to let him know I was breaking my end of the deal. I think he knew it was coming. I've been asking for a dog the last 6 months.

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Site Under Construction
I wanted a template with 3 colums so that I could seperate my ads from my other stuff. Obviously I pulled this from a site other other than one speaking English, so ignore the stuff you can't read, until I can update it. And if you can read it, Gosh I hope it isn't bad! :)


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I shopped! What? I had to!
Friday, September 28, 2007
I needed to feel better, and the only two things that would make me feel better is being with Damian or shopping. I can't be with him, so I shopped! But it was just Walmart & I got 5 movies for $3.98 each!

I watched one with Madi tonight...She's the Man. The others are Coach Carter, Failure to Launch, Naucho Libre, and The Stepford Wives. Some I've seen, some I haven't but for $4/each not too bad!

I just deleted the second half of my post. I realized my blog has become daily episodes of my life. I have to stop that! It's getting too personal. I'm going to leave my relationship with D out of it for a while.

On a side note, I had a "lesion" on my breast biopsied this week. I have 2 stitches in my left breast, and a High School Musical band aid over them :) I got so creeped out that the doctor needed to biopsy the place, that I forgot to ask when my results would be in. I get the stitches out on the 10th, hopefully I don't have to wait until then. This situation has a lot to do with the emotional wreck I have become!

Anyway, so I ran into a lady I haven't seen in forever at Walmart tonight, and let's say she is rather blessed in the breast department. She got so excited when she saw me that she hugged me, really tight, smashing my small mounds with her gianormous breast, which felt unbelievably wonderful on my left breast...and still does might I add. It's not her fault, she didn't know I have a tender left breast and two stitches.
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I used to be happy!
I used to be the most carefree borderline retarded (acting) person in the world. I loved to laugh, and did it often. Lately life has gotten in the way of this.

I am often annoyed. Work drives me crazy. And the most recent frustrations with Damian have taken me over the top. I have become mean!

It's Friday night, and I am home on the computer...tomorrow isn't looking any better. Ugh!

Shopping would make things better, but really I have got to learn to hang on to my money. Any other suggestions?
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Big Times in Macon, GA
Thursday, September 27, 2007
Join the Kazoo Festival and Break a World Record
9/27/2007 -9/27/2007
7:30 PM -7:30 PM
Kazoo craziness took over Luther Williams Field Thursday night, as Macon tried to break a world record. The crowds came out in full force, with their eyes on the prize. The prize, being a spot in the guiness book of world records, for the world's largest kazoo ensemble.

"Well, there's no more fitting place for us to break the world record than where the kazoo was made. Where Otis Redding was born, and many other great musicians." - Jimmy Lowery, Kazooist. They kazooed "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" for five straight minutes, with "world record authenticators" standing by, to make sure the crowd was playing by the rules. "The last time I played a kazoo before today - I have been practicing - but it's been several years ago." - Robert Reichert, Mayoral Candidate

The grand finale even included fireworks, but what it didn't include, was a world record. Fair officials estimate there were about 2,000 people out there, but we needed at least 2700 to break the record. That record was set last New Year's Eve, in Rochester, New York, when 2,679 people came together to do a little kazooing.

Yes, I was there! :) And once I have the opportunity to watch all the news channels I'll post any video I may happen to appear on. (Until then, here is a video with no close up of me!)Oh, but it gets better...

CBS Early Show Comes to Macon
9/28/2007 -9/28/2007
6:30 AM -9:30 AM
Come out and join Dave Price and the CBS Early Show in Macon. 13WMAZ wants you at Central City Park to join in on a one mile community walk. The CBS Early Show will air between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. and the community walk will begin during the 8 a.m. hour.

Yep, gonna get up early and try to make that too! :) You should watch, maybe you'll see me! I can be quite the camera hog!

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Thank you for calling...
In response to my last post...yes I was having a bad day, and yep today is another bad one. Ugh!

Work has been unbelievable this week. First, we have a teenager problem which also entails a loitering and drug problem. Monday, I had 2 kids arrested for selling weed, and 7 others banned from the property. Second, we have a moron problem. Tuesday, I had a husband arrested during a domestic dispute. Third, we have a Macon problem. Thursday, 2 cars were broken into. A stereo stolen from one, and tires and rims stolen off another one. We are 3 for 4 this week, and there's always tomorrow!

For those of you not from Macon, I do not work for a low income community. We aren't the best of the best, but certainly middle class. And we are certainly not on a bad side of town, but after a week like this I would want to break my lease too!

We have decided to start answering the phone...

"Thank you for calling ABC Apartments (Obviously not our real name), where we provide the drama for you!"


"Thank you for calling ABC Apartments, where there's never a dull moment!"

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Maybe I Give Up!
Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Maybe not. Under any other circumstances I would have walked 6 months ago. But because the rest of my life rides on this relationship, I have to just deal with it.

Less than a year into our relationship, Damian decides he is moving to Texas to work. He absolutely hates Macon (a fact I have known since the day I met him), so he moved. The original plan: Madi and I would join him in May when she finished the school year. (He moved in November).

By the time March rolled around we had both decided that he would just return to Georgia rather than me moving to Texas. He was already contracted for work through the first of August, so I knew he wouldn't be returning until around mid August.

Well here it is, September 26th and homeboy isn't home yet. Until Saturday, the plan was that I would fly out on the 27th, and drive back with him. Well, that changed due to his housing here in Macon falling through. I have tried to be patient, I have tried to understand, but honestly I am tired of it. I have found him no less than 5 options for housing all under $500/mo. and in good neighborhoods, and even found him free housing for trade of painting and minor repairs. I understand he doesn't have "contracts" lined up in Georgia yet, but you would be amazed how it helps to get business when you are actually available to do the work. Very few people schedule to have their house or apartment painted three weeks in advance!

So I have told him, screw the road trip, it's more important for him to get here sooner, than for me to reschedule to take the trip with him. I don't have the luxury of rearranging my schedule everytime he changes his. I took Friday and Monday off & bought my plane ticket already, but I can exchange the ticket (Remember, Dad works for Delta) anytime in the next year, and I guess I'll just sit on my ass all day Friday and Monday.

I guess I am just so frustrated, because 11 months ago I imagined Damian and I would be married, and living in the same state by the end of summer. Instead we still live in different time zones, there is no talk of a ring, and I am just in a pissy mood!

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Okay, when it comes to the computer, I am not the sharpest tool in the shed. So I need some help. First, Joe over at Intermission at Work wants me to update his url on my blog roll, but about a week ago when I logged in to my computer I could no longer see my profile pic, my blog roll, and several other icons on the side of my page. I can see yours...just not mine. Even when I leave a comment, when I go back to your page, I am represented by a little red x

Is this what y'all see too? Okay, so how do I fix it? Second, how do I fix the url in my blog roll?

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I've been hit! I mean tagged :)
Tuesday, September 25, 2007
by Linda for the following Meme.

I guess today is a good day for random anyway, since I can't complete a single thought!

8 Random Things MeMe

1. I have often wondered just what MeMe stands for, but have never asked for fear of ridicule and taunting by the other children on the playground. I know what they are, just don't know why they are called MeMes. Is it quite possibly because they are about ME?

2. I am terrified of needles, yet obsessed with tattoos. I believe that might be a conflict of interest.

3. My world literally comes to a halt on Thursday nights at 9:00p.m.

4. I have the memory of a 87 year old on a good day. I forget conversations, people's faces, and most definately their names.

5. I got in trouble today for "being ignorant." I went out to "address" a domestic dispute at the apartments, and when I realized the girl had a knife I called her on it. I simply asked "what are you hiding behind your back?" I left and called the police, but Damian got on to me.

6. I believe there is some good in everyone, and often times do "ignorant" things because I often forget there is usually some bad in everyone too.

7. I actually bought candy on impulse the other day from the grocery store, and didn't even realize it until I saw the lady scan it. I mean, I have absolutely no recollection of putting it in my cart. When the lady scanned it...I went "I bought that?" Funny thing was, there were only 4 things in my cart.

8. I HATE feet. I mean, they make me sick to my stomach hate them. Don't show them to me, and please please please do not touch me with them! I won't even clip my 9 year olds toe nails. I do however LOVE to show you mine, put mine on you, and most importantly love to have them rubbed!

Now it's time for me to tag you! So here goes...

Mrs. Mandypoo
What A Gem


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Hogan Knows Funny
Sunday, September 23, 2007
Have you seen Hogan Knows Best? It's actually a pretty funny show. Can you imagine Hulk Hogan being your dad? And you know, his daughter is gorgeous...can you imagine wanting to date her? "Um, excuse me, Mr Hulk, uh Mr. Hogan...Wow, you are bigger in person! Um, I'm here to pick up your daughter, but if now isn't a good time I could come back in a year or two, or you know...when you're dead. How 'bout I just leave."

Tonights episode, Brooke was preforming in Orlando at Universal, and the kids wanted to visit the park. But because Hulk and his family cannot go anywhere without being constantly harassed by fans, Brooke's hair dresser set them up with some professionals to get prosthetic disguises. They looked like the biggest redneck family. Hogan's wife had a mullet, he had a big beer gut, there son looked like Forest Gump 3 years into his run, and Brooke had braces and acne. But they were able to enjoy the theme park just like the rest of us...waiting in line and all!

So it's generally a clean show, with a little bit of gross humor (burping, farting, and the occasional slap on the bootay). The kids, though spoiled, seem pretty grounded, and the Hulk is quite the funny man.

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She's only 9, and I'm already battling for her time!
Saturday, September 22, 2007
It drives my mom crazy that Madi went from staying with her every other weekend to almost never. Why? Because we now live in a neighborhood full of kids. She likes to be home. Well, now it's pissing me off too! Last Saturday my brother-in-law wanted to take her to some redneck festival, but what the heck she is all tomboy, so I told him, "Sure, she'll go with you." But NO Madi would rather stay home & play. I let her make the decision, but I told her I was dissapointed with her choice. 30 minutes after her choice the other kids had to go in, and she was stuck home alone. Yes, I was secretly smiling inside. Kids need to learn the hard way too!

So today I told Madi to get dressed, we are going to lunch and movie, and be home in plenty of time to still play. So she goes "Can Caleb or Gracie go too?" NO! No they cannot. Can WE just spend some time together...alone? and at that very moment I realized I am my mother!

So I go to the theater website & pull of the listings. I'm thinking we will go see Sydney White. Uh, excuse me?! Did you know that this "kids" movie is rated PG-13? What? Are you kidding me? The only 2 movies currently playing with a rating less than PG-13 are Mr. Bean's Holiday and Underdog. So I guess we will be seeing Mr. Bean's Holiday. (A review will follow later.)

Parenting Tip: www.Family.org has a review page for movies, video, tv shows, and even music. It's not one of those bashing reviews, but a very helpful review breaking things down to specifics on spiritual, sexual, and violent content. Listing the pros and cons of the movie without giving the movie away.

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I'm Not Sure I Should Admit This!
Wednesday, September 19, 2007
I went to Krystal for supper...gross, I know. They screwed up my order, but I caught it before I left. When I got home...they had screwed it up again. I didn't get to eat (except for the fries) because they put cheese on my burgers. YUCK!

We determined a few post ago that I am weird, the fact that I don't eat cheese just confirms that.

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I am Not Superwoman, I am Not Superwoman, I am Not...

Okay so I am repeating this over and over, because though I know I am not Superwoman, and could never be, I seem to have the really bad habit of trying to be. You would think I would be satisfied with the many jobs and responsibilities I have, without opening myself up to a few more...but NOOOOO. I believe this may be the one thing that bothers Damian about me more than anything else. He hates that I do this. He reminds me often that I am not Superwoman, nor Mother Theresa. I could be though...right? Not Superwoman, but Mother Theresa...she's human, so that is attaintable right?

So why am I bringing this up? Because there is an apartment community being built up the road from me by my company. The new manager is less than the brightest star in the sky. I really believe her elevator only goes up 10 of her 12 floors. Which means she isn't completely dumb, just not fit to run a property. Yet she has the job. So why does this effect me? Because every member of her staff have called me to complain. They don't feel they are in a position to say anything considering she is their boss, so they figure I should.

So I did :) And though it doesn't seem to have backfired on me, I seems to be about to backfire on one of the employees. (Ugh!) Now if you are a long time reader of my blog, you will remember I have had difficulty with my boss in the past. Well, she took everything I said and twisted it against one particular employee basically saying she is bad-mouthing and gossiping about the manager. This is partially the truth, the problem is, she wasn't doing it just to do it...she was asking for help, and she wasn't the only one.

Damian says I should have stayed out of it. My boss says I did the right thing by coming to her about it. But did I really?

And while I'm stating my case, let me specify why exactly I did get involved. 1)We share one of the employees 2)Because with some assistance the manager just might could do the job and 3)Because as frustrating as my company can be at times, I don't exactly want to see them fail.

I am Not Superwoman, I am Not Superwoman, I am Not Superwoman...


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Weigh In and Win!
The Domestic Diva's husband, SpnDoctr is hosting a contest to win a free one time use video camcorder! All you have to do is weigh in on a topic I recently talked about...Interracial Relationships. (See my previous posts Have We Really Evolved? and the follow-up post Wow! Thanks for the many reponses!)

So just click below, and enter to win!
SpnDoctr's Contest
The contest is open through September 30th. Good luck!

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Monday, September 17, 2007
Thanks to Joe over at Intermission at Work for referring me over to BlogRush . As you know, I am trying to make a little money off this blog, and I think that BlogRush is a great way to make a little extra cash. Scroll down my page & check out the new advertisement from Blogosphere. Go check it out! It just might be for you!


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How Do I Turn the Water Works Off?
Sunday, September 16, 2007
In no way does reading this blog excuse you from reading my previous blog. I wrote 2 today, but that just means you are required to read 2 today :)

I am a very emotional person. To know me is to know that this is an understatement. I cry often. Growing up I cried during movies as my 2 sisters laughed at me. They found it hilarious that I cried during Old Yellar, My Girl, Forest Gump, Steel Magnolias, Lion King, Top Gun...you name it. My sisters...never!

So as I get older, I cry more! (Is that really possible?) I am an emotional basketcase. On September 11th I went to a memorial service at my daughter's school & cried through the whole service. As I was wiping my tears discretely, I decided that I am not going to live the rest of my life hiding my emotions (not that I really could), but I'm no longer going to even try.

So this morning as I'm in the shower, I have an emotional moment...and cry. I get myself together and head to my parents church (the church I grew up in) for the 100th Anniversary service. We opened with the very first song ever sang in the church 100 years ago...so I got teary eyed. Then thye play a slideshow to the song "Thank You" with pictures of members of the church who played a big role in the church who have now passed. Seeing all those older men and women who played such a big role in my life opened the flood gates...again! Then it happened, my grandmother's picture appears. I now go from tears streaming quietly down my face to obnoxious crying. This goes on for the remainder of the song and then off and on again through most of the service. (My grandmother's passing has been the biggest most difficult moment in my life...another blog, another day)

All-in-all it was a great service, and I did manage to get a hold of myself. After the service I called Damian to tell him about the great service, I got about 4 words into telling him about the slide show and it started up again. It took me 5 minutes to get myself together enough just to tell him. Then of course, I still tear up when I finally get it all out.

A few hours later I am on the road to Atlanta. And the water works begin again! Seriously, can someone tell me where the off switch is! Please!! All these tears in one day! Though today has been slightly more emotional than usual, it really isn't too far off from a normal day. I'm not a sad person; I'm not depressed. I laugh just as much as I cry. I just have to figure out how to hold back the tears.
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I think I have a problem!
The other day Linda talked about her obsession with hair products and called herself a hair product whore. Today I would like to take the first step, and admit that I have a problem...I'm a clothing whore!

I have come to this conclusion after my new bedroom furniture was delivered, and I was transferring over all of my clothes from one dresser to the other. First, let me tell you I have two full size closets completely full of clothes that I still wear. About 1/4 of one of the closets is evening gowns and heavy coats (neither of which get worn very often...you don't need a heavy coat in Georgia EVER), but aside from those few things I wear everything in my closet. I cleaned all the old stuff out last year. On top of that I have 2 dressers...FULL! So I decided to clean out those dressers again.

During the process I had to laugh at myself. I opened my "tank top drawer" (Yep, nothing but tank tops) and sorted everything into 3 piles--Often, Sometimes, Hardly Ever. I tossed everything in the hardly ever pile without a second glance. Then I proceeded to sort though the other two piles. When all was said and done I have 8 shades of blue tank top, 7 white ones, 9 black, 4 red, 3 pink, and a few stragglers of brown and green. These are the tank tops I could not bear to part with...I actually had more! I had to laugh because I didn't even realize there were 8 shades of blue! :)

Moving up a drawer I realized I also happen to have an abnormal amount of socks! Who has 43 pairs of socks?! (which does not count anything which may be in the laundry). My socks took up an entire drawer, which is sad considering I fit my bras, panties, and pjs all in a drawer together!

So I guess if you wanted to be specific I am a sock and tank top whore...which really just makes me weird! :)


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Remember - 9/11
Thursday, September 13, 2007
I know I am posting this a few days late, but really, we should always stop & remember. To My Sister: Don't watch...you're pregnant, and your emotions are probably now equal to mine on a good day :) which means you will cry...ALOT!

I have kept this blog personal, but I felt the need to post this video recorded by a young girl to her daddy. Her father was a firefighter who lost his life on 9/11. Grab a tissue and proceed with caution!


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Wow! Thanks for the many responses!
Okay, part of me expected a large response on my last post, but maybe not quite the response I got. Thank you to every one for your advise, opinions support and even compliments (Thanks Gina!)

The decision on if I will go on this road trip will be solely up to Damian. Me going is a concern of his, but he has not made a decision as to whether or not I will go. We have heard advice each way, and everything we have heard is well thought out with well intent. Thank you!

I want to break down what I know. Mississippi and Alabama (much like Georgia) is a southern state, which was one of the last few to embrace the equality of both black and white Americans. Unfortunately, the few bad ones give the rest of us a good name. I am in no way insinuating that all residents of Mississippi and Alabama are racist people. Far from it. If Damian had stuck to his original impression of people in Georgia he never would have been open to meeting me. There are many of us in the Bible Belt who are open to equality.

That being said, the most recent stories of "physical harm" involving racial anger has taken place in and around the states we will be traveling through. I do not want to forever tiptoe around other peoples feelings (although, I do know I will forever be made aware of them). I don't want to continue to alter my life. I know that by choosing to be in a bi-racial relationship I have chosen to alter my life to an extent. I guess missing out on a roadtrip is not an alteration that I wanted to make.

I will keep you updated!


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Have we really evolved?
Tuesday, September 11, 2007
And I don't mean from monkeys; as cute as they are I never was one.

I want to discuss a topic that I think will be somewhat touchy, and something I have never touched on...Racism (Du Du Dom)!

Now I could go a million different places with this, but I'm going to be very specific. Damian and I are debating a situation, that I feel he might be overreacting in, but to be fair I want to bring it to the public, because as much as my eyes have been opened over the last two years, as a general rule, I still like to believe there is good in everyone!

For the last year Damian has been living in Texas, and I live in Georgia. He will be returning late this month. He is going to be driving back with all the stuff he has accumulated over the last year. And I want to go with him! I have never been on a real road trip (which I am certainly not complaining about). My father works for Delta Air Lines, so I have flown everywhere since I was 8. But the idea of driving across 5 or 6 states with Damian over the course of a few days sounds fun!

It's not the idea of spending the time with me he is against...it's crossing through Mississippi and Alabama with a white girl he is not a fan of! Now I realize they may not like what they see...remember I live in GA...they don't like what they see here either. Am I really being naive to think that people wouldn't harm us? Or is he overreacting to think they would?

I guess I just assumed that though there are still many people who disapprove of interracial relationships, they wouldn't really do anything about it. Are we not far enough removed from the Civil War?

So I want your opinions! I also want to know how you draw this opinion. (i.e. Do you live in one of theses states, your race, are you in a interracial relationship...)


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Slip Covers. Are they the answer?
Sunday, September 9, 2007
Let me take a moment to describe to you my home. I moved out at 17, and much of what I own was given to me as hand-me-downs. My bed is my childhood bed, mattress too (eww!), my old roommmate left behind the coach set which is beige with pink and green flowers, my china cabinet was my grandmothers and is a dark wood, and my kitchen table was my aunts and uncles which is a light oak. Madi got new bunk beds a couple of years ago, but it didn't come with dressers, so one is from my nursery when I was a baby, and the other yet another roommate left behind. The guest room is the only thing that matches, and that is because being an apartment manager when someone moves out I get first dibs on the remains :)

Yesterday I drove to Atlanta and purchased my first "Big Girl Bed!" I am so very excited! I will be returning the childhood bed to my parents (and disposing of the 27 year old matress!). Of course, this new found style has made my desire of new living room and dining room furniture. Since I paid a whopping $1750 for my bedroom suit, there are no funds available for any other furniture replacements.

As I was shopping yesterday I decided to purchase slipcovers for my couches. I bought the slightly more expensive ones with the seperate seat so they would look at little better. Are you kidding me! Ha! Not a chance in this world those things fit my couch. I had about 2 yards of extra material, and no matter how much you try, you just cannot tuck 2 yards of material!!! :) So today I will be returning them. I may give it one more shot & get the stretching all in one cover, but after that forget it, I'm saving up for a new couch!

My opinion: The verdict is still out, but it's not looking good!


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Shopping = Love
Saturday, September 8, 2007
Shopping all day in Atlanta leads to two things:

Bought the bedroom suit today! Yay!
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Money, money, money, MONAY!
Friday, September 7, 2007
Thanks to Joe over at Intermission at Work for referring me over to AuctionAds! Another great opportunity to earn money on the internet! You can choose what type of auctions will be listed, according to your viewing audience. The higher the item prices the higher the payouts, but only if your viewers buy.

Well, we'll see how it goes! Thanks Joe!


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VIIsions Rental Company
Wednesday, September 5, 2007
I made several changes & updates to my company website (which involved creating a thousand extra blogs...there has to be an easier way!). Go check it out, I'm pretty proud :)

Be sure to click the links...some are still under construction.


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Blog Happy Tonight!
Tuesday, September 4, 2007
Okay, this is like the 4th post tonight...I can't help it, I'm addicted!

First, did you hear Halle Berry is pregnant?! Yep, she is 3 months preggo.

Oh, and I wanted to show you pics of the new bedroom furniture I'm thinking about buying this weekend...(much needed, much overdue!) Gosh, I'm a picture freak.

This whole set is $1,850 with delivery & set up, and includes the queen bed, dresser, mirror, 2 night stands, and the chest. What an unbelievable price!


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Why is it I work out, come home, eat a healthy dinner & then eat a piece of cake big enough for 4!!! Why can't I control myself around chocolate!? I want to lose weight so bad, but I just can't stop eating sweets! And on top of that I am so full I'm sick.

ha...I wish!

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Video Coming Soon...
No way is something this bad not going to be on YouTube, so stay tuned...

After returning from the gym tonight I came home turned on MTV and pulled out the yoga ball to finish up with some situps. I didn't check the listings, just turned on the tv. So this new show called "Celebrity Rap Superstar" is on. Those of you who read my blog know I am a HUGE fan of The Hills, so I hear that Jason Wahler will be coming up next, so I stay tuned. Can I just tell you that he just might be the worst rapper in the world...history included!! I believe Abe Lincoln could have out rapped this man! It was so bad!

I figure it will be on YouTube tomorrow & I will add for your viewing pleasure considering I about wet myself laughing!


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Attack of the Cucaracha!
Monday, September 3, 2007
We have this serious problem with cockroaches right now! Everyone on this side of town is complaining, but as the apartment manager you can imagine I get to hear most of the complaints. But based on the amount of complaints lately I have decided that my apartment must be the worst! It's so gross. (First let me say these are the "Wood Roaches" according to my pest control guy, and come inside because of the ridiculous heat in GA right now. They do not have anything to do with the cleanliness of your house, because I do not keep a nasty house!)

Tonight I'm sitting on my toosh watching t.v. (waiting for The Hills), and talking on the phone with Damian, and I see this movement out of the corner of my eye. Yes there is a 3 inch cochroach crawling across my ceiling! So I scream! (In Damian's ear) then I run to the kitchen and get the can of Raid...which is empty! Are you kidding me!?! So I get the flea spray. It takes like half the bottle & 15 minutes before he finally lets go of the ceiling falling to the floor, which evokes another scream from me (yep, still in Damian's ear). So I get my tennis shoes on (can't take a chance of the roach crawling on my foot with flip flops on) but I can't bring myself to stomp him! Not because I care about the creature, but because he's a creature! Ugh! So Damian has the bright idea that I should throw a papertowel over him & then stomp him so there is no chance of him crawling on me. Brilliant! So I do just that, and when I stomp, the beast runs out from under the papertowel, evoking yet one more scream! (At which point Damian decides our conversation should be over before he goes deaf) This last scream wakes my 9 year old daughter who walks into the living room & goes "Mom, what are you screaming about?!" So I say..."Good, your up! Will you kill this roach!" (Not what you were expecting, huh?) And she does! ;) Yes, I know I should be ashamed of myself!

This experience reminds me of an even more horrible experience of this weekend. I worked Saturday because I am training my new girl, Sarah. We had a surprise move in. I didn't know it was scheduled, and I knew the apartment she was moving into was covered in dead roaches (I told you we have a roach problem), so I tell Sarah we have to find a way to distract the lady & get the roaches up. As soon as I open the door a roach goes scurrying across the floor. So Sarah, stands in the corner, trying to hide him from the resident as I go to the back and begin sweeping up dead roaches. Suddenly I hear a scream, and I know it's not Sarah, then within a second Sarah comes around the corner....pale! Apparently she tried to step on the roach so the lady didn't see it, and suddenly realized she can't find him anymore. Then a few seconds later she feels him CRAWLING UP HER LEG! She freaks & shakes her pants leg until he falls out. So the scream was from Sarah? Nope! She was a trooper! The scream was from the lady moving in's granddaughter who saw the roach fall out of Sarah's pants!

Sarah is officially my hero, because I would have dropped my pants in 1.3 seconds....showing thong & all! She says the only reason she didn't is because it was her 2nd day on the job & she was trying to act professional. I would have lost my job that day!


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